Thursday, 23 June 2011

Theta Healing Awareness Week (part 4)

Accomplished crook Vianna Stibal, her belligerent husband Cody and our very own Jenny Johnstone - recently mentioned in this blog - made their debut on the BBC´s Newsnight programme this week.

For anyone who missed it, here's the video.


  1. I have followed with interest all your comments about Complementary treatments, and whilst I agree that claims should not be made about treatments - it does rather come across that you have a particular dislike of the subject. Have you had a bad experience with complementary therapy, perhaps?

  2. I have found your blog posts interesting. I challenge whether you can call someone 'an accomplished crook' without irrefutable evidence and criminal records to back up your statement. I challenge your use of photographs and others materials on your website without their permission which is not covered under any 'rationale'. Websites have their own copyright and permissions. No doubt your articles will be reported as abuse. Apart from that, very interesting stuff.

  3. Dear Sceptical writer. I love that there are so many practitioners on your site to choose from. I wonder what you would suggest to people when conventional medicine fails them or has no cure that worked for them? Should they just accept it, go to a priest and lay down and die? Or could they come here and find alternative practitioners to help them feel better? One thing medicine and scientists do agree on is that the mind affects the body. Look at 'anatomy of an illness' and works of Patch Adams and his clown doctors as to how it impacts on disease. Very informative site, please add in more alternative practitioners so that people can find the right one for them.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Don't bother making veiled threats. Go ahead and sue!


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