Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Emma Brumpton is not a Scientologist

Pictured below are four people who are definitely
not Scientologists.

(Image credits: bottom-right, others)

In the top-left corner is the amateur saxophonist Bill Clinton, who may be familiar to you for having fornicated with his intern. To his right is Cardinal Ratzinger, who is apparently a Catholic.

Below them is a large, furry mammal who, according to some reports, defecates in the woods.

The fourth member of the quartet is up-and-coming journalist Emma Brumpton. Emma is not a Scientologist. In fact, she works for Associated Press.

Sarcasm aside, which of them is the odd one out?

Notable absentees at a spectacular fund-raising event for Scientology back in 2009 included Cardinal Ratzinger, ex-President Clinton and the above-mentioned incontinent ursine.

One person who did manage to make it, however, was non-Scientologist Emma Brumpton.

Anxious to emphasise her, umm, dis-connections (geddit?!?) with the insiduous cult, Emma has apparently written

"I have attended 1 event in the past [the Scientology fund-raiser mentioned above] which [sic] I was invited to speak about my charity in London helping young adults affected by gun and knife crime in London produce films..."

Tickets for the event, by the way, would have set you back an eye-watering £595. No doubt Emma, as a non-Scientologist, was offered a generous discount!