Thursday, 2 June 2011

Acumag Ltd's massage woo

Quacks have been trying to promote magnetism as a cure for medical problems since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

The latest in this noble line of nonsense is Acumag Ltd.

The highlight of Acumag's range is probably the Professional Pounding Deep Tissue Massager. Although it superficially resembles a cheap sex toy, Acumag reckon it's good for

"...back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, knee pain, leg & thigh pain, arthritis, improves blood circulation, chronic fatigue... reduces cellulite..."

Better still is the company's Facial Massager. According to the firm's handout (available here, here and here), it

"...Reduces wrinkles and improves blood circulation. Releases tension, toxin and tones facial muscles. Lymphatic drainage of the skin is normalized [sic]. Eyestrain and neck tension relief..."

I don't doubt that the device is relaxing, but as for the rest of those claims - hogwash!

ASA complaint follows.

"I'm writing to complain about a handout for Acumag Ltd, which I picked up at the 'Mind Body Spirit' exhibition in London on 26th May.

The handout promotes several of the company's products which use "Magnetic Therapy", described on the company website as "an alternative medicine used in the treatment of certain medical disorders, which can be effectively treated by exposure to magnetic fields".

(This complaint only concerns the contents of the handout.)

1. I challenge whether the advertisers can substantiate their claim that the "PROFESSIONAL POUNDING DEEP TISSUE MASSAGER" can reduce cellulite.

2. I challenge whether the "ACUPRESSURE EYE MASSAGER" can "[reduce] Wrinkles & Dark Circles around your eyes".

3. I challenge whether the "PINHOLE VISION GLASSES" can improve eyesight.

4. I challenge whether the "Facial Massager... reduces wrinkles and improves blood circulation... Releases... toxin[s] and tones facial muscles. Lymphatic drainage of the skin is normalized [sic]..."

5. I challenge whether the claim that the "Neck Traction" device is suitable for whiplash injuries, muscle spasms, nerve compression, herniated discs, fibromyalgia, radiculopathy, spondylosis and other neck problems.


I can confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser or with the alternative medicine industry in general."

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  1. If you're thinking of getting your money back for faulty acumag massager, forget it as the owner refused to pay up or refund even within the consumer rights and sale of goods act in this country. This is thieving especially if paying by hard cash.So please people use your credit cards!That way you're covered to get back your money. Be warned!!


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