Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ric Weinman, the Vortex Healer

Ric Weinman, the handsome devil depicted below, is a "Vortex Healer".

In case you haven't come across it before, the Vortex Healing website describes the practice as a

"Diving healing art from the Merlin lineage, designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, heal the physical body..."

As if that were not impressive enough, Ric's recent advert in Kindred Spirit proclaims a series of workshops, at which you can

"...[study] a form of energy healing that is deep enough to re-wire the brain, change the sound of musical instruments..."

I'm sure it's not Ric's intention to "re-wire the brain" in order to raise an army of obedient mutant cybermen, but just in case he is, here's an ASA complaint to thwart his evil plans before they get out of hand!

"I write to complain about an advert appearing in "Kindred Spirit" magazine, Summer 2010 issue, p15.

The advert, for the "Vortex Healing Institute", promotes a series of spiritual healing workshops.

I suspect that the advert may be in breach of two sections of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP) code. I can provide an original copy of the advert by post, if required.

1. The advert contains the text:

"...studying a form of energy healing that is deep enough to re-wire the brain, change the sound of musical instruments, release deep karmic issues, and prepare the person & energy system for the reality of spiritual awakening..."

2. Under Sections 3.1 and 50.1 of the CAP Code, I challenge whether the advertiser holds documentary evidence to prove any of the following claims, and I challenge whether the claims are backed by evidence, where appropriate consisting of clinical trials conducted on people:

(i) "Vortex Healing" can "re-wire the brain"
(ii) "Vortex Healing" can "change the sound of musical instruments"

3. I confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser, the magazine or with the alternative medicine industry in general. I confirm that I am not involved in legal proceedings with the advertiser or the magazine."


  1. I opened my mail box to find someone had sent me a link to your web page this morning casting doubt over the credibility of certain Healing methods. I hide behind no pseudonyms, and given that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I can categorically state that I personally have benefitted from a number of alternative therapies. I have spent thousands of pounds trying to resolve health problems with conventional doctors and specialist over the last 12 years. I turned to alternative therapies when faced with a specialist who left me with no hope. I was at that time suffering with the incurable condition known to most women as Endometriosis, I was later told by a specialist at Mount Alvernia hospital I had the worst case he had ever seen, I paid £5000 to have it lasered away by him successfully until such a time that it would return as he said it would unless I had a hysterectomy, which I declined. This first consultant actually told me that I was to pull myself together and accept the inevitable as this condition would eventually progress into my nose and mouth, asking the nurse named Nula with him to confirm his statement as she apparently had this condition. At the time I was prescribed morphine to numb the pain, and as you may be aware of the affects of morphine it can give you a sense that you are capable of anything. I was as high as a kite, and after hearing his blase comment and how it was delivered the only thing I wanted to do with that man was put him flat on his back with a good right hook, for being so insensitive and negative, which clearly I didnt but that is how his bed side manner hit me as uncaring, blatant and cold with no regard to my feelings. I then had a prolapsed disc the doctor removed the disc and informed me my movements would be limited. I went to a psychic surgeon who worked on my back and on the endometriosis I now have 100% movement and no pain or endometriosis. I have not been affected by any of these issues since. I tried numerous alternative therapies from Reiki Reflexology Metamorphic Technique Vortex Healing Quantum Touch and a number of other modalities. I was so impressed by the positive effects of these methods I decided to put my money where my mouth is and spent my hard earned cash learning about them. I have trained in many modalities since these health problems occurred and I am in good health all of which is DOCUMENTED on my medical records so I have to say I DO NOT agree with your view at all. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and 2 of the modalities that happen to be extremely successful are Vortex Healing and Quantum Touch.I have used these methods on family members and they have commented on changes they have noticed in all areas emotional physical and in their general well being. Perhaps you would like to comment if you have attended one of these courses by Ric or by Richard as to how it has not worked for you, then maybe I would take your view more seriously. Whats the old saying you cant knock it until you try it.

  2. Hi Kate,

    How can you be certain that psychic surgery was the cause of your miraculous cure? It might have been any of a thousand different things.

    Do you understand why anecdotal claims like this cannot be taken seriously?

  3. Dear Sceptical Letter Writer,
    I have been studying and practicing energy healing of different forms, including VortexHealing, for over 10 years. I dont wont to get myself into back and forth about energy healing and if/how it works. I would like to point out that if you put yourself into a position of "sceptical letter writer", how can somebody, anybody, broaden your point of view if you yourself dont want to...? The most useful step you can do is to summon your bravery, get out there and try it for yourself. And than you can be "convinced letter writer", like myself. Peace Brother.

  4. Hi Lubosh,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Actually, it would be very easy to broaden my point of view about energy healing. Just send me a high-quality randomised controlled trial, published in a reputable journal, that shows energy healing works better than placebo.


  5. The placebo effect is a funny thing, isn't it? Just by believe something is true, like magic, it becomes so. Placebo effect is a direct example of efforts like energy healing and praying making a true impact in our health and our lives. Our attitudes do matter. The medical community is an entirely negative place. It's focus is completely on weakness, on the failing of our bodies, instead of it's strength. For my entire life until recently I was going to become a doctor. It was my dream, to help heal people. But I never go to doctors because they make me feel bad, and they've given me little real help with my real problems (especially in a traditional practice). I'm becoming a healer because that's the way I can make the most difference in the way I'd like. I want to help people not just feel better in their bodies, but feel better in their lives. Energy healing can be used as an alternative to traditional medicine, but it is not an either or. Both have their place. This hate is uncalled for. You don't have to do it, but why hate on it? If it helps others, why does it hurt you?

    One last thought, with how scary, miserable, hopeless, and negative it is being diagnosed, having tests done, being told you have a little hope, but we'll put you in an experimental trial, it might work. Oh, and by the way there's only a 50% you'll actually get the drug that might fight your disease. How many people in that situation think, "Great!, I'm going to get better." How many people are positive enough to believe that they're actually going to get the relief they're looking for? My guess, pretty much the same number as the placebo effect. Imagine if instead of being told your bodies falling apart, you were told your body's perfect and it's putting itself back together. That's what it does. It heals. If people believed all those nice things instead of all those scary ones, imagine how high the placebo effect would be.


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