Thursday, 2 June 2011

Anne Devereaux's Optimum Detox

Readers worried about how many toxins they've ingested since January 1st might consider the free DVD offered by
Anne Devereaux. (See her advert here.)

"THE NEW YEAR & IT'S DETOX TIME! ...OPTIMUM-D-TOX... Simple, Easy and Profoundly Effective... Product is totally natural and simple to take (liquid format) and fit for your lifestyle. Safe for chronic fatigue types, low energy or weakness... This product is popular. Tel 01892 683439 today..."

ASA complaint follows!

"I'm writing to complain about an advert in the UK edition of Nexus magazine (Apr-May 2011, p17).

The advert, for, promotes a "DETOX" programme and a DVD.

1. "THE NEW YEAR & IT'S DETOX TIME! ... OPTIMUM-D-TOX... Simple, Easy and Profoundly Effective..."

I'd like to challenge whether the advertisers can substantiate their claim that the product is "Profoundly Effective", since I understand that no clinical research has ever been able to identify the toxins that similar "detox" programmes claim to eliminate.

I can confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser or with the alternative medicine industry in general."

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  1. Personally I cannot wait to find someone who can detox me from de-toxers as i am growing sick of them.


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