Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Circle of Raphael (part 2)

Following a recent
ASA adjudication, the shameless Circle of Raphael - a company operating out of a PO Box in Cornwall - have continued to sell their Talisman of the Seven Angels.

Publicity about the adverse ruling travelled as far as the Daily Torygraph, so it's quite surprising to see the same advertisers back using the same old false claims.

The useless trinket is now claimed to bring "Good fortune in games of chance" - another clear breach of the advertising regulations, if you want my opinion - so it's back to the ASA with another complaint.

"I'm writing to complain about an advert in Spirit and Destiny magazine (May 2011, p87).

The advert, for the Circle of Raphael, promotes a product, the "Talisman of the Seven Angels", upon which the ASA Council have recently adjudicated.

1. "To fulfil their own spiritual destiny, Angels need to give of themselves and assist anyone who requests their help. However, they first need you to personally invite them into your life so they can fulfil their divine purpose. The most direct and successful way of inviting Angels into your life is to simply wear or carry this holy Angelic pendant... Zadkiel - Good fortune in games of chance..."

I'd like to challenge whether the claim that the Talisman is the "most direct and successful way of inviting Angels into your life" in order to experience "Good fortune in games of chance" is misleading.

I can confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser."


  1. They needto let your energy infuse with itfor about a month.things will start changing for the has for me and all the people in my group.enjoy and may you posper

    1. Samuel April 7th 20148 April 2014 at 03:03

      I am very sure that these items work. The writer above may have written with a very covetous spirit. I bought several of these items over 5 years ago and they have work very well. I will say it is money well spent.

  2. They do work 100%, or they give you your money back

  3. dear holy circle of raphael please send catalogue to 63 fraser st east fremantle wa western australia 6158 thankyou verry much amen birch james.

  4. Has this person ever tried the talismen.I know what ever you do you must do with the right spirit, Success in anything starts with a positive attitude. Who ever this is they seem like a very angry person and will not have much success with any endeavor.

  5. I bought their "Love" Talisman, and it seemed to work for me. I ground it to powder because I was afraid of going to hell for commiting adultery. But, women came to my house when I was alone and getting out of the bath tub and were inside my house. If I had not ground the thing to powder just before they came to my house I think I would have "scored". Don't buy their talismans because they do work, and you will get worldly treasures then you'll go to hell.

  6. Hello to anyone who wants to read this!Could someone please tell me how long do you have to wait to receive any items from this company as i have been waiting 3 weeks to receive the seven angels tailsman.

  7. Well at the aesthetic level I have often found Talismans to be attractive.However with regard to them attracting heavenly help from angels assuming in the first instance that such beings have any existence at all is either a leap of faith or sheer gullibility.

  8. I have purchased several talismans from this company, and they do work very well. I also purchased, their wise stones, and they are more accurate than all the tarot cards I own.

  9. I bought a gold talisman which arrived last Saturday. I've experienced quite a lot of bad luck in my life and I often wonder why that is. An example is I've not had success in my business despite progressing my skills, I've had bad luck in love (some good luck), my son is experiencing bad luck, I paid into 3 investments 3 yrs ago and all three have gone wrong because the people running it are untrustworthy. I have back problems and struggle to get my dreams. I was hoping my luck would change straight away once I wore the talisman but still bad luck. does anyone know what really works to attract good luck.

  10. Perhaps I need to give the talisman more time or maybe, it's all hype that it works. I wish for the good luck to come from a holy source, a source of pure love and genuine intent to help for the better.

  11. its the gift of faith not greed and selfishness that will help the medal to help you


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