Saturday, 10 April 2010

Nominet UK - my new penpal

Have you ever wondered what sceptics do on a Saturday evening?

Yes, so have I.

Wherever they went tonight, they didn't invite me along, so I've had time for another complaint-a-thon.

Nominet is the body which "registers" all UK websites whose URLs end with

Non-trading individuals are allowed to opt out of having their names and addresses on display for all the world to see, but that privilege doesn't apply to professionals.

An anonymous contributor recently pointed out that Michele Knight had incorrectly opted out. I'm delighted to say that, having been informed, she quickly corrected her mistake.

It got me thinking, though - how many of the woos featuring on this site have also "forgotten" to comply with Nominet's regulations?

(Image credit - this isn't a real form)

The answer is four. And here they are!

UPDATE, 12 Apr: Nominet took all of fifty-two minutes to investigate all four complaints. They reply "[we] have issued notice to the registrant and registrar that the address details for the domain name will be opted in to the WHOIS unless changes are made so that the domain name meets the opt-out criteria." Hats off to Nominet!

Bill Sohan (see my original complaint)

"Bill Sohan uses this site to promote his 'Psychic Readings' service.
Readings are provided by post, and in person.
The site does not list fees, but asks for 'Contributions)'
Paid advertisements for the service have appeared in "Nexus" magazine"

Vanessa Jones (see my original complaint)

"Vanessa Jones uses this site to promote her commercial "reflexology" healing service. The site lists her fees ("

Liz Levelle (see my original complaint)

"Liz Levelle uses this site to promote her services as a homeopath and a naturopath.
The site list her fee as £90 per hour.
Paid advertisements for her services have appeared in "Kindred Spirit" magazine."

'Geoffrey Ronning' (see my original complaint)

"This site promotes a miracle weight-loss cure.
The package sells for £69."

The next time you visit a pseudoscientific or supernatural practicioner at a address, don't forget to check that they've revealed their name and address.

If they haven't, here's the form to help them rectify their "error"!