Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Biovea, dealers in illegal unlicensed medicines

Thanks to the efforts of
a friend of mine, an illegal unlicensed medicine is fast disappearing from the shelves.

Human chorionic gonadotropin has featured in these pages several times before as a useless and dangerous treatment for weight loss.

It's illegal both in the US and the UK, a fact which doesn't seem to discourage people from trying to flog it on dodgy websites.

A good example is Biovea, a company registered to a mailbox in Kensington. The company are wise to keep their location under wraps, given the scale of the crimes they're committing.

In the case of medicines, it's always worth complaining to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), who have recently been aroused from their regulatory slumber.

You can read my MHRA complaint below and marvel at the power of
FishBarrel, the Chrome plugin with which I completed complaints to three separate regulators in about seven minutes.

"Biovea is advertising an unlicensed medicine, homeopathic hCG, on its website I understand that dealing in these products is an offence in the UK.

I've summarised the claims the company is making for these products below.

1. ( )

"With this 26 day kit we provide you with more than enough Homeopathic hCG and all the essential supplements you will need for a 26 day cycle using an hCG diet! We are making it easy for you to lose up to 1 pound a day!"

2. ( )

"The HCG 26 Day Complete Diet Pack Includes:

• HCG DIET SUPPORT 60 Capsules"

3. ( )

"When the hypothalamus is stimulated the body is able to release abnormal fat, which allows the body to rid itself of massive amounts of this type of fat very quickly. Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol outlines a very low calorie diet (VLCD), in combination with HCG, which helps to stimulate the hypothalamus."

4. ( )

"When a person successfully completes the HCG protocol diet plan the hypothalamus is able to reset and function properly."

5. ( )

"Dr. Simeons through his research concluded that an abnormal operating hypothalamus is a leading cause of obesity."

6. ( )

"Why Choose Homeopathic HCG Drops Over Injections?

Same Results! Participants that have tried both the full strength hormone injections and these homeopathic drops and have reported the same results if not better from the homeopathic drops."

7. ( )

"People who have successfully completed Dr. Simeons diet program have reported experiencing following benefits:

• No Loss of Muscle Mass: rejuvenated structural fat
• Fat Deposits: reduced overall (pot belly and double chins gone)
• Energy: increased without feeling nervous or jittery
• Thyroid Gland: normalized
• Overall Body: reshaped overall body
• Hormones: balanced out put
• Sleep: improved restful sleep at night
• Adrenaline Glands: rebuilt
• Appetite: normalized
• Cholesterol: normalized levels
• Focus: clearer thought process
• Singing Voice: improved
• Mood: less irritability, spirits lifted
• Anti-Ageing: tightened skin, more youthful energy and appearance"

I've made some screenshots of the relevant pages, which are available at:

I can confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser or with the alternative medicine industry in general."


  1. MHRA is making everything non profitable illegal, sad to see people like you thinking that they are the best judge out there and they "need" people like you to direct them. How can you be so passionate that everything is wrong and illegal as an example as above? have you search and found no research to that or no clinical trials? 90% of the medicine you and everybody use are all most destructive to us no more to babies and children,even panadol is found now to cause asthma after all this years of use. Nothing used in medicine has no side effects news flash, i think homeopathic medicine should be considered more seriously. And do some research and dont provide a bunch of sites like a 10 year old doing a weekend research for school on monday.

    1. F this a hole....long live freedom of choice for healthcare!

    2. This guy is so brave that he even will not publish his name....probably Hiding in his mother's skirt....what a cry baby

  2. Bloody do-goers cause more problems than anything else

    1. Obviously the person that runs this blog is overweight and frustrated

  3. If anything, the medical industry & the availability of a wide variety of drugs which AREN'T available is criminal!...WHO RIGHT IS IT TO SAY WHATS FOR THE USE OF 'ALL ????????

    1. The asshole who runs this blog thinks so...guy needs a life

  4. Stay clear of Biovea.
    When you buy from Biovea and you see the australia post logo and contact location saying they are based in NSW you think sure this is fine.
    But they aren't the deloy this strategy worldwide. Saying they are based in the country of origin when they are really somewhere in Asia. Their call centre is based in romania which is strange.
    If they are lying about their location what else are they lying about. How can we know for sure their products are legit?

    1. Cigarettes and vodka should be illegal, but governments make lots of money on the taxes imposed on those products. We are all adults and free to do what we want. Sounds like a bunch of adult babies here...time to change your diapers....

    2. Stay clear of your fucking lame ass

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    You can already be sure that Biovea aren't "legit" since they've been engaged in the illegal supply of unlicensed medicines.

    This article has attracted an astounding number of readers from all around the world. I hope more of you will share what you know about Biovea's operations in your own country.

    1. Are you legit?

    2. Really though, "a couple words" don't prove that a company is illegitimate, and neither does illegality, modern regulatory bodies are an incompetent and bribe-able joke.

  6. FYI BIOVEA sells natural products made from plants and fruits. The pharmaceutical industry sells chemical products that has killed thousands of people.

  7. I have used Biovea for years, for lots of different vits etc, one pump progesterone cream was damaged, wouldnt dispense, i emailed them about it, and it was exchanged free of charge, no questions asked and arrived in 4 days, I cant fault the company.
    Never read anything saying they are not legit apart from on here, now I am curious ...

  8. We all know who skeptical letter writer is. He lives with his mom. He still breast feeds.

  9. Biovea has put its tentacles in India too. They do not have an office in India but advertising sales in Indian Rupees. I am reporting them to the Government as they do not have a registered office here nor tax number for service tax and VAT. This company looks fishy and needs further investigation. I have written to them saying that it is a Ghost company. They are out to fool the general public. Friends be ware!!!

    1. I know this company, they are legitimate... they dont need to have an office to sell products online or ship them... every online retailer in the world does the same thing they do...

  10. Yeah with all the fake Viagra that comes out of India, you make me laugh.

  11. Indians are just seizing the many stupid idiots in the west buying viagra and all kinds of shit online..stop buying the stuff..!!

  12. I think we should have the choice to buy what we want. Its our life and not the governments. The drug companies rule the world, and tell us so many lies, so they can make billions of pounds of profit from sick people. They dont cure anything. They just put things on hold and stop pain by damaging other parts of the body.


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