Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Angelica Gold - lottery consultant

Do you believe in the power of angels? Do you want to win the lottery? Are you somewhat gullible?

If you answered "yes" to all three questions, you may have been one of the dupes that responded to this advert!

'Angelica Gold' claims that she can "invoke celestial forces to gain an abundance of wealth, love, success and happiness!"

More seriously, she claims that you will "enjoy luck in lotteries" with her service, which "really works".

Unfortunately, that's a breach of the ASA's CAP Code Section 57.4(q).

If you think that I'm just making that up then, go ahead. Read my complaint!

"I write to complain about an advert in "Prediction" magazine (May 2010, p34).

The advert, for Angelica Gold, promotes an "Angel Magic" service.

I suspect that the advert may be in breach of one section of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP) code. I can provide an original copy of the advert by post, if required.

1. The CAP Code, Section 57.4(q), states "Marketing communications...should not exploit cultural beliefs or traditions about gambling or luck"

2. The text of the advert states

"Do you wish to...enjoy LUCK IN LOTTERIES? ANGEL MAGIC REALLY WORKS to help solve ALL your problems and enable you to fulfil your every desire!"

3. Under Section 57.4(q), I challenge whether the advertiser is exploiting cultural beliefs about the powers of angels and their ability to influence the outcome of lotteries.

4. I confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser or the magazine. I confirm that I am not involved in legal proceedings with the advertiser or the magazine."