Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Advanced Colloidals - 'flu season' products in stock!

You've probably noticed how many homeopaths have difficulty spelling "homeopathy". Well, the disease isn't limited to one brand of woo salesmen.

Take this lot, for example, who entertainingly offer colloidal silver for "vetinerian" purposes.

The ASA have advised against these kinds of claims before, so in the case of this advert (top-left corner, "COLLOIDAL SILVER"), 'Advanced Colloidals' don't stand a chance.

"I write to complain about an advert in "Nexus" magazine (April-May 2010, Vol 17, No 3, p77, top-left corner).

The advert, entitled "COLLOIDAL SILVER - High Potency" promotes colloidal silver.

I suspect that the advert may be in breach of two sections of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP) code. I can provide an original copy of the advert by post, if required.

1. The CAP Code, Section 3.1, states "Before distributing or submitting a marketing communication for publication, marketers must hold documentary evidence to prove all claims, whether direct or implied, that are capable of objective substantiation."

2. The CAP Code, Section 50.1, states "Medical and scientific claims made about beauty and health-related products should be backed by evidence, where appropriate consisting of trials conducted on people..."

3. Under Sections 3.1 and 50.1, I challenge whether the advertiser holds documentary evidence to prove any of the following claims, and I challenge whether the claims are backed by evidence, where appropriate consisting of trials conducted on people:

(i) The advertiser's colloidal silver has "high potency"
(ii) Colloidal silver is a "universal antimicrobial[sic]" which can "protect" you
(iii) Colloidal silver is effective as a defence against flu

4. I confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser, the magazine or with the alternative medicine industry in general. I confirm that I am not involved in legal proceedings with the advertiser or the magazine."