Monday, 11 October 2010

Omega Wash, a cure for cancerous growths

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Mind-Body-Bullshit exhibition in London.

Hoping for a bumper haul of complainable adverts, the expo turned out to be something of a damp squib. Riding the train home that evening, I felt somewhat deflated.

It always pays to scrutinise the small print of every advert, though. You never know what you might find.

One of the flyers I bought home promotes the Omega Wash, a "Revolutinary [sic] Nutritional Supplement for the whole body." (Flyer visible here and here)

It was the standard bullshit toxin-cleansing claims that had caught my eye.

"Omega Wash is a Nutritional Supplement that will wash the blood and benefit people with a wide range of serious, chronic and more minor ailments...It can therefore kill bacteria and eradicate toxins that harm the body and are the cause of many ailments."

But - just as I was about to file the flyer away under "do it tomorrow...maybe", I noticed this extraordinary passage:

"I had developed a cancerous growth under my armpit. It was very painful and the doctors wanted to surgically remove it, and possibly one breast as well. I was told to start ingesting Omega Blood Wash and also wipe it on the growth. 30 Hrs [sic] later the pain was gone, and now the growth has gone."

Well, that'll be an offence under the Cancer Act 1939, then!

I do hope it wasn't the doctors who advised this poor woman to treat her cancer with quackery. ASA complaint follows!

UPDATE, 30th Oct: Another Omega Wash ad has come into my possession. The company responsible for breaking the law in both cases is 'Smart Organic Solutions Ltd" of 15 Stockhill Rd, Bradford. The new ad has been sent to the ASA, and can be seen here, here, here and here.

"I write to complain about a flyer I picked up at the "Mind - Body - Soul" exhibition in London on 2nd October this year.

The flyer, for, promotes the "Omega Wash...Nutritional Supplement", for which the advertisers make a number of astonishing claims, not least that is is a cure for cancerous growths.

I suspect that the flyer may be in breach of numerous sections of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP) code (2010). I can provide the original flyer by post, if necessary.

1. The flyer starts with the text:

"Omega Wash Revolutinary [sic] Nutritional Supplement for the whole body...Many people have been amazed at the power of this 100% organic blend of tree oils and plant extracts. Because it is purely organic it is safe to use, and does not cause any unpleasant side effects".

2. The text continues:

"Omega Wash is a Nutritional Supplement that will wash the blood and benefit people with a wide range of serious, chronic and more minor ailments. For many of us our bodies are out of balance, we all carry different levels of toxins and pollutants, these are often the cause of our disease and health problems...This Nano Colloidal substance, developed using the [sic] Quantum Angstrom Technology, takes Herbal formula's [sic] right out of the normal format. Its minute natural particles enable it to penetrate areas not normally reachable. It can therefore kill bacteria and eradicate toxins that harm the body and are the cause of many ailments."

3. I have been unable to find any clinical studies relating to the product's safety or efficacy. I searched the manufacturer's South African website[1], the advertiser's UK website [2] and Pubmed.

4. Therefore under Section 3.7 of the CAP Code, I challenge whether the advertiser can substantiate any of the following claims:

(i) Omega Wash is "safe to use, and does not cause any unpleasant side effects"
(ii) Omega Wash will "wash the blood"
(iii) Omega Wash is able to "benefit people with a wide range of serious, chronic...ailments"
(iv) The product's "minute natural particles enable it to penetrate areas not normally reachable"
(v) Omega Wash can "kill bacteria and eradicate toxins that harm the body and are the cause of many ailments"

5. I have not been able to find any references to "Quantum Angstrom Technology" except on the above-mentioned websites. Therefore, I challenge whether the "technology" actually exists, and under Section 3.1 I challenge whether the phrase is misleading.

6. (i) The reverse side of the flyer contains a number of testimonials.

(ii) Under Section 3.45, I challenge whether any of the testimonials are genuine.

7. Under Section 3.47, I challenge whether the following testimonial claims are misleading:

(i) Omega Wash can combat "ill health caused by fungal [sic], parasites, pollution etc"

(ii) Omega Wash can "[improve] blood sugar levels"

(iii) Omega Wash can "[help] allergies and skin complaints"

(iv) Omega Wash can make painful lumps disappear

(v) Omega Wash can make cancerous growths under the armpit, for which doctors had recommended surgical removal, magically disappear

8. Further claims appear underneath the testimonials. Under Section 3.7, I challenge whether the advertiser can substantiate their claims that the product "detoxifies the Liver, kidneys, Bladder, Purifies the blood and boosts the immune system"

9. I confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser. I confirm that I am not involved in legal proceedings with the advertiser.



  1. Well thank you for that. I was about to buy some as I have boils, pus in the urine and prostatitis all of which antibios and various tests have failed to cure. I'm still looking for relief .Peter Love.

  2. Peter-have you had relevant blood/urine tests-if so-what were the results?

  3. Hi. Well, I was so lucky to not have read this sceptic comments, and I have now been drinking several bottles of it.
    I had what you call an athlets foot (my left one).
    I have had this fungus on my nail, since I was 19 years old, and now, 27 years later, it is totally healed.
    Before Omega Wash, I had tried a lot of other things, after recommendations from my doctor.
    Nothing have been able to cure, before OW.
    The best part, is what it is doing to the skin, and old scars, that will not heal.
    I don't know if it was just pure luck, that scars that wouldn't heal for 3-5 years, suddenly are healed, but I think not.
    I also have two teenagers, who has found that the only thing that can help their acne problem, is Omega Wash.
    Besides, it is a lot cheaper than what you buy at the doctors.
    I guess I will continue to use it.

    1. Apply surgical spirit to athletes foot whenever it occurs - very cheap and 100% effective - clears the fungus and drys the skin out (I think the damp conditions are the fundamental reason).

  4. I analyse live blood and omega wash does clear fungus, bacteria, viruses and parasites in the blood! So all you sceptics out there ...... Try it !
    Also if you did have health problems you would try anything before knocking it. Enjoy taking you prescription drugs!,,,

  5. Hi Anonymous!

    Please provide clinical evidence to show that Omega Wash can clear fungus, bacteria, viruses and parasites in the blood.

  6. I will, I will put it on the site next week when I'm back at work!

  7. Notice that the "evidence" from "anonymous" never actually appeared.... Funny that. Also the two "testimonials" about positive benefits seem to have the same bad spelling and grammar as the advertising leaflets. Looks to me like it's the supplier leaving comments, trying to talk up their product. And cheaper than pharmacy medications? Prescription=£7.20. Omega wash=£30, 4 bottle course recommended, =£120. How is that cheaper? This stuff is a scam

  8. Hi,

    I have had chronic tonsilititus pretty much consistently for more than a year. I've tried so many remedies, conventional & alternative, & nothing has worked. I was 'prescribed' Omega Blood Wash by a naturopath approx 5 wks ago, I've had no pain or symptoms for 3 wks, my tonsilitus has gone. I can't believe it. Maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's a combination of taking the Omega Blood Wash & the other supps/remedies (I did x3 KiB500 2 mths ago, am on a bunch of vits & Classic Transfer Factor 4Life). I'm not sure, but I think it's the Omega Blood Wash, it physically feels like it's doing something in my tonsil area. I'm going back for more, it's giving me my life back....

    Best wishes


  9. Hi Sam,

    Do you understand the difference between controlled, peer-reviewed scientific research published in respectable medical journals - and an anecdote?

    There are a million different things which may have contributed to your improved symptoms, without you having noticed them. How you can you be confident that Omega Wash is responsible?

    1. Hi Sceptical Letter Writer,
      how does peer reviewed bullshit research control all those million different things?

  10. dont touch it is a complete scam from nigeria it claims to cure hiv and all these amazing things i spent a fortune on it also found product was inconsistent

  11. I think in the future people will look back at these 'modern times' and be amazed....we actually tried to 'cure' illness with illnesss inducing Chemicals...weve already learned that the Banks, Police, Religion, Doctors, arent to be trusted..why do we think the Pharmaceutical Companies are any different?..They are a business and their aim is to make a profit maybe the scientists do want to help people feel better but i can assure you the guy controlling the company is only interested in the 'bottom line'..
    Id rather try natural ingredients like Omega Wash than some awefull Toxic chemical based Medicine...If you want to find out about the disgusting state of the power behind Chemical Medicines just google 'Aldara'..may those that perpetrate the illusion of Chemicals as Medicine...Rot In Hell..

  12. Hi Anonymous,

    Can you tell me more about the medicines you mention, which don't contain any chemicals?

  13. This debunking site is a wonderful idea! There are so many scams out there, just waiting to ensnare some poor hopeless person willing to rasp at straws. Please keep up the good work.


  14. My Mum has just been diagnosed with colonic cancer. My Uncle has recommended this wash, and she has asked me to get it for her as a birthday present. I am scheptical about anything that claims to be a wonder cure, but also do not underestimate the power of the placebo effect.

    One of my closest friends has a PhD in microbiology and her Dad is a biochemist. I've asked for her advice and she has informed me that the contents of Omega wash would be harmful if they were in a strong enough dose to kill bacteria. If this is safe to drink, it isn't actually strong enough to do anything that it claims to do.

    I now have a dilema. Do I deny my mums birthday present request and crush her hopes of any possible 'miracle cure' all in the name of good sense, or do I go against my gut instinct, waste my money on this 'tonic' and pretend to go along with it in the hope that the placebo effect will be strong enough to help her?

  15. Hi Anonymous,

    It sounds like you've already received some useful advice. I agree with your microbiologist friend - there is no reason to believe that Omega Wash is useful for any medical condition. It's very unlikely that it can remove "bacteria" and "toxins", and to suggest it can cure cancer is simply not plausible.

    How can I be so sure? Because I've checked the research. It's all available on the internet these days and it's not difficult to understand, even for non-scientists like you and I. If you do go looking, you'll find exactly what I found - nothing.

    If you think the placebo effect might help, there are many non-toxic alternatives. You should be aware, though, that the placebo effect doesn't work very well in chronic and terminal conditions. Giving your mum a sugar pill for a headache might make her feel better, but giving her a sugar pill for cancer will likely have no effect at all.

    The thought of criminals getting rich by exploiting desperate people like your mum makes me feel profoundly uncomfortable. Despite that, there are no easy answers in a situation like this. I've always thought that the truth is probably the best policy in the long run, but it's for you and your family to make the best decision you can.

  16. This wash had coconut oil in it. Word on the street is that coconut oil helps with bacteria and parasites like omega wash claims. I wonder what the other ingredients have been thought to do. I just ordered coconut oil yesterday to try it but had been recommended by a friend. It was about ten us dollars.
    I would try omega wAsh. If not for the huge price tag

  17. Btw, i ran this by a friend who said it probably is mildly toxic. Chrysanthemum oil can be toxic as well Citronella oil, neem oil and geranium oil.

    1. Neem oil is not toxic. In Ghana, the Neem tree and all its parts have been used medicinally for malaria and many other diseases for ages.

  18. pls you should know the procedure before introducing any drug into the market.what is the manufacturers response to this questions? where is the result of the clinical trials of omega wash in vitro and vivo?

  19. Hi, I'm a user of Omega Wash (OW) from Kenya, its country of origin. I'm aware that there are several scam products out there, but this isnt one of them. How? I have first-hand evidence that it works, from my own bad pollen and hay allergies that are now completely gone, as well as a good friend of mine who also suffered bad sinuses and is now OK after taking OW for about 3 weeks. I've also heard credible stories of people who have really been helped by OW, though I haven't talked to them or witnessed this myself.

    Can OW cure cancer and HIV? I simply dont know, I'm still a sceptic on this until I see organised, formal testing on this. But what it does is boost the body's immunity and ability to fight disease.

    It's sad that what I believe is a genuinely useful, helpful product may be ignored because it will be lumped together with all the complete fakery that passes for immune-boosting supplements.

  20. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm not aware of any published evidence that suggests Omega Wash can cure allergies, treat bad sinuses, boost the body's immunity or its ability to fight disease.

    Can you tell me where I can read the clinical trials, if I've missed them? Until they've been done Omega Wash is, as you say, nothing more than complete fakery.

  21. To the anonymous Omega wash user from kenya, tafuta, uenda 'background', scroll mpaka 'research data' au 'clinical information', utapata hicho unatafuta.

    Pilli - ili anza Arusha, Tanzania; baada hiyo Kenya halafu Afrika kusini, sasa tuna anzisha Ulaya.

    Hasante sana, ku pata support yako, ni appreciate sana!

  22. Hi Anonymous,

    (Forgive me - although I can read some Swahili, I don't speak it well enough to engage in conversation.)

    I had a look at the research on the
    site you mention. I can only see a handful of case studies; I can't see any clinical trials at all.

  23. From what I understand the web site is continually up dated, so perhaps return at a later date and the clinical information you require will be uploaded on to the site, or suggest this to the web site developer directly via email:

  24. Hi Anonymous,

    Aren't the clinical trials already available somewhere?

    The reason I ask is that the UK advertising codes require advertisers to hold rigorous clinical evidence before making health claims. It's usually not sufficient for evidence to be produced after publication of an advert.

    Any clinical trials that have been carried out should have been published in a medical journal, in which case we'll be able to find them without waiting the webmaster at

  25. As I understand it, that web site is the official web site, and clinical trials have been conducted, and will be uploaded on to this section of the official site. Thus, I regularly re-visit the site waiting for the web master to upload the data. Should I come across any more sources or information, I will be let you know

  26. Hi Anonymous,

    I look forward to reading them.

  27. Jonathan Chamberlain writes:

    "What is interesting is that those commentators above who have used OW say it works and those who haven't say it doesn't. Hmm Interesting. We breathed air long before we proved air existed. The supposed 'clinical trials' that Sceptical Letter Writer so values 'disprove' the3 value of megadoses of vitamin C - but anyone who uses it knows the benefits it brings. People who are locked into a'It doesn't work until it is proven to work by a clinicasl trial published in a peer-review journal' take leavce of common sense. We all know that clinical trials are often faked (by cherry-picking and massaging the data among other things) - so why trust this more than my own real-life experiences. I know someone who uses OW and she claims it has benefitted her and clearly other people are using it and getting benefits so clearly it is not dangerous. Everyone needs to know there are now no certain truths and we just have to trust our own sense perceptions and common sense. "

  28. Jonathan Chamberlain is the author of a "how to cure cancer" book.

  29. I have looked closely at all the web sites i could find on this product (there are a lot) and i must say I don't see any claims to cure anything, in fact there are several disclaimers to the contrary, the web sites do have some mixed info/lots of copy and pasting, but no claims to cure anything, as fart as i know you don't need clinical trials for a herbal beverage. there are plenty of drugs that had all the supporting evidence and clinical trials you could possibly read (gardasil for one, i know someone who developed neurological disorders within a week of the shot, i'm not saying the shot did it, but it will get you thinking) and still ended up killing people, is that really what would make you feel comfortable with the product?

    If someone who has cancer feels better after taking this product good for them.
    Who are you to say i won't feel better when i take it? i do take it, i take it every day and i do feel much better, and who are you to say the ingredient levels are to low to be effective? do you know anything about the nano scale and it's penetrative abilities? you can't fit 1 molecule of some of the essential oils into a red blood cell by its self, but you can fit 8 nano scale molecules into a single cell, so maybe because of the scale the oils are more effective at a lower and safer dose.

    If i had cancer and someone told me in stead of having mustard gas injected into my body or intense radioactive chemicals i could have a herbal drink that would make me feel better without loosing my hair and appetite i would have to try the drink before the radiation (sorry just my personal preference).

    There are many books and web sites devoted to alternative cancer treatments, most of them revolve around boosting your PH balance, Omega 48 has a PH of around 10.5 imagine that, just the simple act of boosting your PH could starve the acid loving cancer cells, so who cares about clinical trials for a bottle of natural oils and glycerins, if you want to try something alternative don't listen to what i think about it or what this guy or that chick think, try it, if you like it and it works good for you.

    I just saying

  30. WOOW!!!!!!!!!!I will try it then. God Bless you all. From what you have all written above the conclusion is try it and see it is not going to kill you coz it is low,herbal,nothing,etc

  31. Looks like magic . Just read contents of Omega Wash.
    Nothing special,just bit that ,bit other things and we got magic tablet. It's just another good business .If you have serious problem ,go and see doctor. It's not easy to find good specialist as well,but it's more chance to solve your problem then spend money on "magic omega wash"....

  32. I have tried OW (Just a Bottle)and have regained my sense of smell as well as my ability to drink some fizzy and eat other meals I stopped eating for about 8years due to intestinal issue.

  33. Forget Omega Wash - in Tanzania there is an old man (ex pastor) who gives you just a 30c cup of herbal concortion and you are cured of all ailments!
    Go to and and and and
    Just google Loliondo Cup ...

  34. @Anonymous ^
    Does he ship global? or do i have to go to Tanzania ($1,300 round trip) to get this cup of herbal "concortion" ? there are many herbal remedies out there on virtually every continent, but the ability to supply a global market is not an easy feat when dealing with naturally occurring substances. I heard about this guy in Tanzania, I heard that people died waiting in the 5K line of cars waiting for a cup of herbal tea, im not saying it doesn't work im just saying you cant save the world with one cup.

  35. R.H United Kingdom7 January 2012 at 17:28

    Omega Wash really work for me.
    I had a tumour removed from my spine, actually the tumour was pushing against my nerves and my spinal column and I was in a lot of pain prior to the operation. I started to use omega wash a few days before the operation and the pain started to go away and I thought about cancelling the operation.

    I decided to go ahead with the operation and was told that I would be in hospital for between 7 to 10 days – I was out in three days as it was a 6 hour operation and I was expected to be in quite a lot of discomfort to put it mildly.

    I took a bottle of omega wash into hospital with me and did not use the morphine or the liquid paracetamol pain killers that I was intravenously connected to for the pain that was expected after such an operation that I had just gone through.

    I can not thank the people that produce this product enough, when you have been in pain for many years and tried everything from physio to Chinese this and that and it hasn’t worked, to finally be pain free is beyond words.

  36. I am a Ghanaian and believe that it's time to rid of these scammers who had been impeding on how fast The Internet can be uesd to promote trade genuinely.

    Most of these commentators on this site are the scammers themselves, I believe.

    1. Who knows who you are too, my Ghanaian brother

  37. Fake anti-malaria medicine, fake anti-biotics medicines are causing death than anything in Africa.

    I am a ghanaian And have noticed that Nigerian scammers who are Networked and scattered all over the world can do anything for money including causing innocent people's death

  38. In reply to the blogger who is ghanaian. Omega wash has nothing to do with Nigeria or Nigerians, the product is produced both in East and South Africa, the official launch into the west african market is scheduled for some point this year. I would advise you to check your facts before making assumptions.

  39. Is there really a herbal cure for HIV/AIDS? I am really confused..

  40. Hi Anonymous,

    There is no herbal cure for HIV/AIDS.


    1. So you have traveled the world and know everything about HIV/AIDS? sounds pretty ignorant to me.

    2. Hi Anonymous,

      If you think you have discovered a herbal cure for HIV/AIDS, you must publish your data in a peer-reviewed medical journal - just like everybody else.

    3. Actually no they don't. I don't see a claim to cure aids anywhere. they state that by providing the body with the right tools, the body heals it's self. Not a cure at all, just a helping hand.

    4. The fact that you don't know about something does not mean it does not exist.

    5. You must publish your data in journals like everybody else... Who is everybody else?
      I dont publish my findings nowhere! There is everybody else minus one.

  41. In reply to the anonymous blogger of Feb 1 and SLW; I would urge caution in regards to the comments and views expressed by SLW. This is clearly a person(s) with a negative point of view, whom is following a pre-determined agenda, which may have an ulterior / sinister motive e.g. political/ financial. If you or anyone else for that matter would like an impartial, informative point of view in relation to the product (omega wash / omega herbal 48), please visit the official web site.

  42. Hi Anonymous,

    Won't you tell us where we can find the official website, so that we don't have to listen to the pre-determined political and financial agenda of, errr, me?

  43. Do you not know SLW? you seem to know everything else, surely you can find out and tell us, why not phone the manufacturer and find out on our behalf?

  44. Hello all

    My name is David, I've been watching this site since i was first made aware of it by the distributors in England that were fortunate enough to run into this delightful blogger. My family designed and manufactures Omega Products. Our main informative web site is if you have any questions about the product please feel free to write to us and not listen to the uninformative dribble found on this site.
    We are also in the process of linking our registered distributors sites to ours in order to provide you with the most reliable sources of omega products, non of witch are nigerian scammers.
    In reply to anonymous Feb 1st, yes there are cures for HIV/AIDS and cancer, i'm sure some are herbal but not all of them are.

    There is a Dr in Germany that has a 95% cure rate with cancer by injecting hydrogen peroxide into the affected aria. I also personally met a Dr in thailand who has a cure for HIV/AIDS, all of his patients get a polymerase chain reaction test done before and after treatment. A polymerase chain reaction test is internationally recognized because it detects the virus at a DNA level. Once the DNA shows no signs of infection then they are cured and will remain so unless re infected.
    Our products are not cures for anything, They simply provide the atmosphere for the body to do what it was designed to do.

    Dear Skeptical Letter Writer

    I'm sure if you had spent the last year or so researching natural cures for ailments you could have helped hundreds of people and maybe even saved some lives by now, instead you sit there and bitch about matters you remain clueless about.

    Research the immune system you chop! look at the effects of a boost in PH to an acidic environment.
    Look at the combined effects of a boosted CD4 count and lowered viral load to a viral infected body.

    If you don't work directly for and get paid by " big pharma" then your an even bigger tool for helping them out free of charge.
    If anyone needing help turned away from it because of the garbage you write then i pity the bad karma you have brought on yourself.

    How sad it is that you use your talents and this wonderful platform that you have to discourage people who have little hope, if you knew anything about the essential oils in our product and their effects on the immune system and the anti viral properties therein you would be our biggest advocate, yet you prefer to remain ignorant in your bubble of negativity. If ignorance truly is bliss then you must be the most blissful as you are certainly the most ignorant.

    Read a book Jackass! and not a clinical trial book or medical journal, a real one, written by people who have nothing to gain from other peoples misery, you may be surprised at how easy it is to bring your body into perfect harmony and health.
    I'm not hear to plug my products, research the oils we use, research herbs in general. Research something useful to the general population and write a blog about that. maybe start with the cancer cures that were developed in the 60's and 70's and suppressed by American doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Research how we have had cancer research facilities earning billions of dollars for over ten years and can't find a better treatment than radiation and chemo that suppresses the immune system instead of boosting it. Research why were not allowed to talk about cancer, Research something that will make people respect you instead of write letters like this one informing you of your ignorance.

    I apologies for my angry tone but you have no idea what damage your ignorance can be doing to everyone unfortunate enough to come across your site. For the love of everything good in this world, live your life to help those around you instead of talking out your ass about things you can't be bothered to research just so that you have something to bitch about next week. You may find yourself a much more inspiring blogger.

    With Love

    1. Dear Dave,

      Thank you for providing the link to you website. I shall peruse it with interest and hope to learn more about this cure for HIV/AIDS which, clearly, Big Pharma, scientists and governments worldwide are concealing from us.

      It is such a shame that you had to come here to read such "dribble" from this notorious blogger. I am certain he knows nothing of opera, or else he would understand, as I do, the benefits of injecting hydrogen peroxide into your aria.


    2. Hi anarchic teapot,

      I can confirm that my classical training omitted intraperitoneal therapies such as the one you posit. I suppose that's why I was never able to make it as a professional.

    3. Dear Anarchic teapot. This is David

      thanks for the support. I have to correct you on one point quick, the product is not a cure for HIV or any other disease or ailment. If you had to ask what the active ingredient was I would say its your body, our product just provides the right environment and immune support for your body to do what it was supposed to do all along.
      I strongly believe that we have been taught to take one pill for one problem, our view is to give the body the support it needs to control the problem its self, naturally.

      All the best

  45. I'm a chronic candida sufferer and would give anything for a miracle cure like omega wash but like SLW says where are the testimonials real cases? to say it cures cancers thats a bit F'd up I've not seen any of the so called HiV/cancer sufferers come back and say they have been cured or even a mention about this so called miracle wonder? when you usually google a product if its as good as what it makes itself out to be you have a 1000 people blogging/starting forums asking questions about it but where is everyone who has used this miracle in a bottle?

  46. SLW pulls the posts that give you the information your asking for apparently.

  47. I posted their main web site yesterday and SLW pulled it.

  48. SLW, you say below that we can write what we like about you? I did yesterday and you removed it. I guess you do work for them after all, directly or indirectly.

  49. Hi David,

    Thanks for dropping by. If you want to submit thousand-word essays, you must expect that the Google spam filter is going to swallow them.

    If your comments aren't published immediately, try splitting them into smaller chunks. Alternatively, you can wait a few days for me to check the spam filter.

    Previous contributors have promised that clinical evidence for Omega Wash will soon be published. Do you know how much longer we'll have to wait?

    1. Dear SLW

      Sorry for the diatribe, sometimes I take things a little too personally and tend to rant, peoples failure to educate themselves isn't a good reason for slander.

      In answer to your question, I'm not sure who it was that said clinical evidence was soon to be published. I know that some independent hospitals and clinics especially in Africa are doing some testing on people and recording the results but there are no clinical trials underway on our product.
      It is not a medicine and we have no intention of ever making a medicine or a medical product. There was a wildfire of claims and statements made by some distributors when we first started, that was the experience that you had in the UK over a year ago.

      We have had several warnings and have had to make drastic changes to distributors web sites, we have hired people to search the web and shut down or change any web sites making claims or statements that are presently illegal, a lot of this was instigated by your complaints to the government so in a way we owe you a debt of gratitude for giving us a heads up ;)

      Our product was intended to stimulate the bodies natural responses to invasion or currently present un-natural compounds in the body. It stimulates a detoxification of un-natural compounds in the body, that's it, it doesn't kill cancer or aids or HIV although there are products out there that do.
      We do publish verifiable testimonies from people who's bodies have overcome or become stronger against some ailments but we do not contribute it to our product, we contribute it to that persons internal response to a boosted immune system.

      If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.


  50. SLW Please keep up the good work.... It is a relief to see someone challenging the
    facil claims of this product. We have become a nation with an appetite ONLY for easily digested crap.... (In written or oral form!!) Please move into politics next! PS. "Prejudice is a great time saver; you can make a decision, without stopping to get the facts"

  51. I would like to encourage David and his family and their associates in the work they are doing. Clinical trials are not the cheapest thing in the world and can be a logistical nightmare not to mention the amount of time to analyse all the results, it takes major pharmaceutical companies 5 -7.5 years to conduct phase 2 / phase 3 clinical trials, whom have billions of dollars / euros at their disposal, thus we have to make allowance for a small to medium size company.

    To summarise, SLW initially said in 2010 that Omega wash was a fraudulent product, and even claimed in 2011 that it was harmful, both of which have been disproved, now in 2012 SLW seems to be adopting a different stance, so what will your stances be this year?

    Perhaps as the truth comes out the stance SLW adopts alters to suit convenience.

  52. Hi Anonymous,

    Can you point me towards the evidence that "disproves" my earlier "stance"?

  53. SLW, if Omega wash was fraudulent or harmful, would we not see testimonials from customers whom have tried it, but instead every customer that tries it or for arguements sake 99.5 % of customers return with a favourable report or even post a positive testimonial.

    Surely this fact has not gone un-noticed by such an intelligent person as yourself? Perhaps it was my mistake in assuming you are intelligent?

    Oh and by the way, what qualifies you as a critic of omega wash, or is this position self appointed?

  54. Hi Anonymous,

    We can talk about your customers' positive testimonials, my below-average intelligence and my lack of qualifications a little later.

    Please answer the question.

    You wrote that my earlier "stance" on has been "disproved". I am keen to find out more, so that I can make corrections to my Omega Wash articles.

    Where is the evidence?

    1. Hi SLW, does it not bother you that no user has reported badly about Omega Wash after suing it? People would have even caused the arrest of the suppliers. I have visited several sites and have not seen a single statement from any one suggesting that the Omega wash does not work, a scam, a dupe, etc. Please throw the challenge to those people and lets see.

      For the peer-reviewed journals, the least said about it the better. What have these people been able to achieve about HIV/Aids, even common cold that cant get a cure. Just look for 5 tablespoonful of honey, blend some 3 cloves of garlic, mix and drink and your common cold is gone. Do you need a peer-reviewed journal to confirm it or otherwise.


  55. In earlier blogs which date back to 2010 and 2011, which may have since been removed or altered as your stance and position alters. You made very sweeping remarks and propagated suggestions that omega wash was fraudulent and harmful. If so, why are the customers who try it disagreeing with you, why is it only people that have not tried omega wash entertain your point of view? Do you not think this is strange, only the ignorant listen to you until they try the product themselves?

    Now answer my question, what qualifies you as the critic of omega wash?

    By the way, they are not my customers, I am just a keen observer who noticed ambiguities in you earlier blogs, to what customers are or have blogged.

  56. Is now a good time to discuss SLW's below average intelligence? Why is SLW vague on his back ground, or qualification, SLW always evades questions directed to these topics. I can not help but think perhaps answering such questions will some how expose or is to the detriment of SLW.

  57. Hi Anonymous,

    Have I understood you right? The only evidence which "disproves" my stance on Omega Wash consists of testimonials from satisfied customers?

  58. SLW, testimonials from customers is just one example of evidence, the other are clinical analysis and reports, medical reports, randomised controlled trials..etc.

    Since your are not anyone significant, or in any position of authority , you can only obtain access to customer testimonials.

    Thirdly, the absence of negative reports, where are customers that support your original stance.

    Finally, why will you not answer my question, what qualifies you as the critic of omega wash? What is your education or career back ground?

  59. Hi Anonymous,

    Does the evidence which you think "disproves" my stance on Omega Wash consist entirely of testimonials from satisfied customers?

  60. Have I not mentioned the different types of evidence available in my previous message, do you read, understand and think about previous message(s) before you post your reply to a previous message?

  61. Hi Anonymous,

    I have been reading your replies very carefully; perhaps not carefully enough, because I haven't been able to locate an answer to my question.

    You say my stance on Omega Wash has been "disproved". I have asked to see the evidence. (This page is now receiving more hits than any other article, so I'm anxious to make sure I've got my facts right.)

    Does the evidence which disproves my stance on Omega Wash consist entirely of customer testimonials, or not?

  62. A word of advise, removing post sent to the site reflects poorly on the integrity of the site, especially if the information posted is in opposition to your point of view.

    Secondly I am still waiting for your answer to my question, which I have repeatedly requested you to answer?

  63. he evidence which disproves your stance is based on randomised controlled trials, clinical analysis, medical reports and customer testimonials.

    Since you are not anyone significant, you are NOT authorised to have access to such information. The only information you are authorised to access is the information that is on the official website.

    By the way you, you have evaded my question at every opportunity, but insist on your questions being answered? Will you not answer my question?

  64. Hi Anonymous,

    Lots of ground to cover here. Apologies to anyone who gets bored; perhaps readers would like to skip right to the inevitable response, which I'm sure will be much more entertaining.

    1. Three of your comments have been deleted because they were exact duplicates of comments you had already posted. (One had been altered with a single new word to correct an apparent mistake.)

    I think it's standard practice for moderators to remove double posts, so I don't understand why you think the removal "reflects poorly on the integrity of the site". Can you explain it to me?

    2. You seem to be arguing that I have been censoring comments, perhaps with "an ulterior / sinister motive e.g. political/ financial". You add that "I guess you do work for them after all, directly or indirectly".

    Beyond the removals discussed above, can you provide evidence of deletions, or is the charge just a piece of injudicious mud-slinging?

    Can you provide evidence that I am receiving improper payments (or benefits-in-kind) from "them", and identify who "they" are?

    3. Regarding the evidence for Omega Wash, you say:

    "Since you are not anyone significant, you are NOT authorised to have access to such information."

    Again I am a little confused. Which of the three do you believe I am not authorised to access? Do you mean the randomised clinical trials? The clinical analyses? The medical reports? Or a combination of all three?

    4. Where were the randomised clinical trials and clinical analyses you mention published? I have not been able to find any references to them in any medical journal, which leads me to suspect they do not exist. Is this assumption false? If so, please provide citations.

    5. You wrote,

    "SLW initially said in 2010 that Omega wash was a fraudulent product..." and "You made very sweeping remarks and propagated suggestions that omega wash was fraudulent..."

    Can you point out which part of my article contains the word "fraudulent", or some other declension of the root word "fraud"? I regret that I cannot find it.

    6. You also write,

    "...and even claimed in 2011 that it was harmful..."

    Can you point out which of my comments contains the word "harmful"? Once again, I have not been able to locate it.

    7. You seem to suggest that, in publishing a critique of marketing claims for Omega Wash, I am acting above my station. The Advertising Standards Authority (a voluntary regulator to whom my complaint was submitted) would probably not agree.

    "How to complain... Anyone can complain to the ASA. Just one complaint can lead to an ad being withdrawn..." (from

    Among other dissenters would be the Office of Fair Trading, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the General Medical Council (GMC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Press Complaints Commission, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council - a small selection of the UK regulators who have accepted complaints from me in the past.

    8. Finally, you write:

    "Now answer my question, what qualifies you as the critic of omega wash?"

    I think I have made it clear, several times in the past, that I don't have a medical or scientific background. As I explain immediately above, this does not disqualify me from submitting public interest complaints to regulatory authorities, either in principle or in practice.

    9. [You have been writing anonymously, so perhaps I have attributed some quotes to you that originate a different author. If you don't care to use your real name, as I do, you're welcome to use some kind of nom de plume.]

    1. I live in Africa. My great-grand-mother who is 107 years is still alive. She does not go to hospital for any medicine. She only depends on traditional herbal medicines and she is as strong as 60 year old woman. she bathes herself and washes her own clothes. She uses the neem leaves, mix with pawpaw leaves and some other herbs to treat all kinds of ailments. I once took a doctor friend to check her health. The Doctor conducted serious of checks and lab work but all proved well; no hypertension, diabetics, fine liver, kidney and all organs were in good shaped, no lack of vitamin etc.

      As much as I will not condone quack herbal medicines, i believe the socalled scientific journals do not have the right to all knowledge in this world. When educated people behave this way it so embarrassing. Why cant they rather pick the herbal drugs if they think otherwise and subject them to their " agreed way of analysis to debunk the assertion of omega wash and the likes if they the socalled skeptics believe they are working for the good of mankind but not for an order or empire. Indigenous people are also human beings with sense!!. Go to the native African tribes and the Amazons to check if they have what you have like cancer, diabetics, hypertension, hiv etc. They are in fact very well, strong and kicking.

      You may also check this site for more info:

      Steve, Ghana

  65. SLW, you really have a lot of time on your hands, perhaps there is a reason to this zealous devotion.......

    1. In the past you have not only deleted my comments, but comments from other bloggers.

    2. You have access to censor comments, so you can retrospectively censor any comments/posts to validate your point.

    I find it hard to believe that a member of the public would attempt to discredit a product with such devotion as you display, without having evidence of a harmful effects of the product, hence the zeal you display must have an ulterior/sinister motive, what is more zealous than receiving payments, perhaps you should prove to us that you are not receiving payments?

    3. Allow me to enlighten you my confused little friend, as long as you do not formally declare whom you represent (or are in the employment of, or working in the interest of) and hide behind the identity of SLW, you will not be provided with access to the clinical evidence; randomised controlled clinical trails, clinical analyses, and or medical reports.

    4. The assumption you made is false, the evidence is in existence, those with the appropriate authority have access to them. Hence the regulators whom have accepted you complaints in the past, seem not to have a problem with omega wash.

    5. SLW, it is possible in the english language to imply a suggestion without actually mentioning the words explicitly, i.e.'....I do hope it wasn't the doctors who advised this poor woman to treat her cancer with quackery...' that sentence would suggest to anyone with an above average intelligence that omega wash is fraudulent product, perhaps it does not to you?

    6. On Jun 7, 2011 you posted comments that would suggest omega wash is harmful, yet you had no evidence. Surely if your right, this would resonate with customers, where are the customers that support your point of view?

    7. SLW, I am not against someone publishing a critique, but there is a difference from sceptical critique and devotedly propagating your point of view to the general public.

    8. So the truth finally comes out, you do not have a medical or at least a scientific background, yet you behaviour as the final authority is regards to omega wash? Perhaps it will be better allocation of your time and effort if you were to focus on topics within your sphere of understanding and relevance.

    9. SLW, I am member of the public with the appropriate background, whom thought your partial and biased point of view is mis-leading, incorrect, and unjustified, I believe my identity is not of any significance and does not have any relevance to the subject matter, hence I write anonymously.

  66. Dear Anonymous,
    I regret to have to inform you that customer testimonials are not considered valid scientific evidence, even if signed in red ink before a notary and three independent witness.

    Evidence must be objective to be acceptable. It must also be available for scrutiny. Of course, it is always possible that you have alredy published your results, but they are behind e.g. an Elsevier paywall. In which case, please accept my apologies and be so kind as to provide us with a link to the paper. Our scientific and medical colleagues will no doubt be delighted to give their professional opinion, translated into layman's terms, for people like SLW and myself.

  67. Hi Anonymous,

    So, to summarise:

    1. You say I have deleted comments from you and from others, but cannot supply evidence to support your claim.

    2. You say that my stance on Omega Wash is inconsistent, but cannot supply evidence to support your claim.

    3. You say that my letter-writing activities are hiding an ulterior motive, perhaps that I am receiving payments for them, but cannot supply evidence to support your claims.

    4. You say I am "hid[ing] behind the identity of SLW", even though my name appears on every page.

    5. You say that Omega Wash is backed by clinical trials, clinical analyses and medical reports, but cannot supply evidence to support any of these claims.

    6. You say I have described Omega Wash as "fraudulent", but cannot locate which part of my article and comments contains this word (or a lexical equivalent of it).

    7. You say I have described Omega Wash as "harmful", but cannot locate which of my comments contains this word (or a lexical equivalent of it).

    Do you know what we call someone who makes claims but can't produce the evidence when challenged?

    A "bullshitter", that's what!

    [PROTIP: If you're still having difficulty exposing my secret identity, try typing the word "address" into the search engine at the top of the page!]

  68. Why must you result to using such language? A word of advise, swearing reflects adversely on your character and integrity, especially in a public domain.

    Perhaps if your in were an authorised position, or made a formal request to head office, you would not feel so frustrated.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Evading the issues and refusing to answer direct questions is generally considered to reflect far worse on one's character than the occasional mild vulgarity. Moreover, the word "bullshitter" does in fact figure in the Oxford English dictionary and is not defined there as profanity or swearing.

      Mild vulgarity does not (and never has) reflected adversely on anyone's integrity. However, using dishonest debating tactics such as:
      - Making unsubstantiated accusations of corruption
      - Being patronising
      - Refusing to answer awkward questions
      - Lying (e.g. claiming ignorance of SLW's identity
      - Making remarkable, unsubstantiated medical claims (implied via "testimonials") for herbal mixtures

      ... reflect extremely badly on your character and integrity, irrespective of the language used.

      When you have finishing blustering and trying to pretend you're smart, can we have the evidence, please? I'm sure the MHRA would love to examine it.

    2. Dear Anarchic Teapot
      This is David.
      I'm not sure who this anonymous person is who is claiming to have medical data that you need top secret clearance or have to be part of a secret organization to view.
      As the Vice President of the manufacturing company I can assure you that we are not undergoing any clinical trials on our product, nor do we intend to ever get into the medical or clinical trials game.
      The whole issue of clinical trials and pier reviewed testing in my opinion is a way to squash products that don't fit into standard medical practices. We have no intention to ever become a medical product. In fact it is impossible for us as our product only supports the immune system. There is no medical or clinical research being undertaken by our company of any sort. We are not trying to cure anything, all we want is to improve the quality of life for people who are suffering from ailments that are increasingly difficult to live with.
      With Love

    3. "As the Vice President of the manufacturing company I can assure you that we are not undergoing any clinical trials on our product, nor do we intend to ever get into the medical or clinical trials game."

      Ah, the "we don't need proof" gambit. Can you please explain why anybody should take your claims re medical benefits for your products as anything other than fairy tales? Unverified, unidentifiable, hyperbolic 'testimonials' are hardly reliable even as testimonials.

    4. I don't expect you to take any claims, i don't make any, if you think your body needs our product, then try it, if you don't think you need it then don't take it, why must you bash our product from a position of ignorance. Haven't you heard that old saying don't knock it till you try it?

      I guess the best way to either verify or disprove us would be to find someone with on of the ailments that have had testimonies written about it, and give them the product. But i don't see you doing that for fear of it actually helping someone, then what would you do with all your knowledge about medical journals and per reviewed what what.

      There is not one person on this whole thread that has said i tried Omega Herbal 48 and it didn't do anything for me.

      I don't need evidence to back it up because the product speaks for it's self.
      The general population has been brain washed into believing that you need one pill for each problem you have, in stead of focusing on getting the body into harmony.
      Just about every pharmaceutical product has an origin in a phytochemical that was synthesized.
      Is it so hard to believe that a combination of plants can affect the body so dramatically?
      I'm not sure why you have such a big problem with the fact that we are happy with what our product does and we don't feel the need to enter the medical market. Are you jealous over our success with giving people a better quality of life?

      Why is it so hard for you to believe that there are good people out there who are honestly trying to help others? can you really be that jaded?

  69. Hi Anonymous,

    Can you think of a better word for someone who makes claims but can't produce the supporting evidence when challenged?

  70. Submit a formal request via the appropriate regulatory body and you can have access to the clinical evidence.

    1. who is this? what appropriate regulatory body must one apply to? as the manufacturer of this product i would love to know why we don't have access to this information that is supposed to be happening under our name.


  71. Hi Anonymous,

    If the clinical evidence you mention has been published somewhere, I can read it. Clinical research, once published, is not secret - anyone can obtain a copy (not necessarily for free).

    If the clinical evidence hasn't been published, it is worthless.

    Has the clinical evidence which you say "disproves" my stance on Omega Wash been published anywhere, or not?

    (By the way, Anarchic Teapot - the commenter above - has alerted me to some really interesting news about the future of Omega Wash in the UK. Since you are not anyone significant, you are NOT authorised to have access to such information. Submit a formal request to him via the appropriate regulatory body, though, and you can have access to the news.)

  72. Love your site. As good as Le Canard Noir, but more amusing. Viva le skeptosphere, and all who maintain the thin red line.
    Paul Clayton

  73. Hi SLW, what has been the ASA and the other regulatory bodies' reaction(s) to your complaint to-date? I'm just curious...

  74. Hi vaya,

    Sorry, I don't have a record of the ASA's response to this complaint. This isn't unusual. The ASA have been receiving an unexpectedly high volume of complaints in recent years and have been passing adverts straight to their compliance team, without engaging in correspondence with the complainant.

    If you're interested to find out what happened, you might try asking the UK distributors:

    Let me know what they say!

  75. I'm a layman with no medical or other qualifications, but have taken an interest in researching the effect that the body's pH levels can have on the growth of tumours. Reason being, my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2009.

    A general question...isn't clinical trials only compulsary for medication? If a product is marketed as a tonic or vitamin it does not require FDA approval...

  76. Hi Anonymous,

    I don't know much about the law in the United States, but over here in Europe, there is a new regulatory regime that applies to all food products which haven't been in use for at least thirty years.

    It's not a simple subject to discuss, but to summarise:

    - Products are tested for safety, before they can be certified

    - Uncertified products cannot currently be sold in the UK

    - Medical claims for dietary supplements are not allowed unless they're on a pre-approved list of claims.

    By the way, I gather the body pH issue is a complex one that the scientists don't yet fully understand.

    I've seen some research that a large majority of cancer patients are using "alternative" medicine of one kind or another; I can only hope that your husband is listening to the advice of his doctors, not the quacks who are making a fortune from the desperate.

    1. So the Doctors prescribing radiation therapy and chemo aren't making any money off of desperate people? damn your ignorant.

    2. Hi Anonymous,

      Which country are you talking about? Here in the UK, doctors don't make money out of desperate people - consultants who prescribe chemotherapy for cancer get paid the same as consultants who prescribe a nice massage for lower back pain.

      Is it different in your neck of the woods?

    3. By the way this is David.

      Don't be an idiot, consultants cannot prescribe anything, you have to be a medical professional to prescribe any controlled substance and both radiation and chemo are controlled substances.
      Second a Dr does not make the same as a pharmacist who can give you over the counter medication.
      Third doctors absolutely make money from desperate people in as much as people go to their doctors first, a doctors outrageous salary isn't felt by the regular joe because if they have medical aid then the insurance company subsidizes their billing.
      Again, Damn your ignorant. Your so quick to defend the medical profession at any cost and chalk everything else up to quackery. If ignorance truly is bliss then you must be delighted in your bliss.
      If you will, watch this video then research the people and products mentioned on the video and let me know what you think about their quackery, i'm sure if their medical journals haven't been suppressed by the AMA they would make a very interesting read.

    4. Hi David,

      In the UK, a consultant is a senior doctor, usually found working in a hospital.

    5. Thats your retort? "a consultant is a senior doctor" weak man, really weak.

      So you don't disagree that pharmaceutical companies provide lavish incentives like lunches holidays and parties that target and shower gifts on the "consultants" you refer to.

      You don't disagree that there is a price difference between a round of chemo or radiation therapy that cost at least 50,000 USD no matter if the patient or the patients medical aid pays for it; and say a bottle of 30% hydrogen peroxide that when mixed at a rate of 10ml to 2 liters of water has over a 90% cure rate on cancer?

      you don't deny that under AMA standards if a cancer patient dies one day after five years of chemo he is chalked up as a cancer survivor because he managed against all odds to survive chemo for 5 years?

      You don't disagree with the fact that the AMA has not only squashed positive medical studies and proven case logs but prohibited any future study on substances like DMSO, CBD and THC extracts from cannabis as well as a whole line of dietary and habitual changes?

      you don't disagree with the fact that the cancer act 1939 was put in place to stop people from ever reading or talking about any positive journals promoting alternative methods of cancer removal.

      look up Dr leonard caldwell, the hoxsey formula, Dr Robert Melamede, and a slew of other people with cancer cures or doing research on cancer cures and then come and tell me that you know what your talking about, because until then your just another uneducated blogger ranting about topics you have no education or right to give advise on.

      Good Day to you sir.

    6. Hi David,

      You said "consultants cannot prescribe anything", I pointed out that consultants are senior doctors who can prescribe medicines. I'm sorry, but I don't understand why this response makes you angry.

      As we have discussed, I am indeed "uneducated" and would be glad if anyone can point out any factual errors in what I have actually written.

      I don't know anything about the American Medical Association (AMA) or about how doctors in the US earn a living, which is why I don't write about them.

    7. By the way,

      As the manufacturer of Omega Wash, what are you plans for the business, now that it's a prohibited unlicenced medicine (whose sale is illegal)?

      Will you relocate abroad?

    8. your great a dodging questions SLW.

      Did you read or watch any of the information i sent you? there are know factual eerrors because you havent looked up any of the facts, doctors in the UK make a living the same way doctors in the states do. You have been crying about not being able to read peer reviewed information, yet when i give you some names to research you find a way to change the subject.
      Read and watch the information i sent you then we'll have a debate but until then your waisting peoples time by not giving them anything other than your opinion.

      We dont need to relocate abroad, we are abroad. And since when did it become an unlicensed medicine? If it has in deed become an unlicensed medicine then people will just have to order it from outside the U.K, as people do from many other countries.

    9. Hi David,

      Granted, I have not been answering all of your points. You make rather a lot of them in each comment and, as I mention just above, I don't understand enough about the issues to engage in any kind of debate about them.

      David, I'm happy to read published clinical research if you can provide direct links to it; but I simply don't have the time to watch hour-long conspiracy videos on YouTube, nor to spend half a day looking up the untested hypotheses of Quack Doctor X, Y and Z.

      (Exception: I would be delighted to view material directly related to any complaints I've made.)

      The UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) stated in correspondence last month that Omega Wash is an illegal unlicensed medicine, whose sale is unlawful. As the manufacturer, I'm surprised you didn't already know that - you ought to contact the MHRA who can explain the implications for you. (

      I understood you were based in Norwich, and that Omega Wash was made there? Is it made somewhere else? I'm afraid the various Omega Wash sites are rather secretive about these things, so it's easy to get one's facts in a muddle.

  77. "doctors in the UK make a living the same way doctors in the states do. "

    That's an interesting statement, Anonymous. I wasn't aware that the NHS had been abolished overnight, or - conversely - that the USA had finally instituted a proper universal healthcare system.

    1. Hello Anarchic teapot.
      Maybe you didn't understand the statement. there was no reference to any countries governmental policies and procedures. The statement was meant to make the point that a doctors responsibility, no matter what country they live in is to give care to sick and injured people. I am not a medical professional but i don't see how a "proper universal healthcare system" has anything to do with a doctors ability or duty to assist the sick and injured.

      A doctor who has been trained and practices under a license in England for instance has had the same training and education in how to treat cancer and administer either chemo, radiation or surgery (the only three approved methods of cancer treatment in both countries) as a doctor who practices medicine in say the united states.
      Does that clear it up for you or am i still missing something?

  78. Do they not get a paycheck every month? do they not do the same job as doctors in the states? the legalities and where the paycheck comes from may be different. your just nit picking for arguments sake.

  79. Wow my head hurts reading all this!!
    My conclusion? I've just ordered myself the omega wash! I've watched and observed through out my life time how alternative treatments have worked for my family and friends and not one including my mum 68 this year and my grandparents are on any medication what so ever!!
    Goos family genes? Not at all! my family on both sides suffer with poor imunity illnesses including myself! What a really don't get is why people knock alternative or herbal ? If they work for that person what business is it of anyone else!! At the end of the day scepital letter writer your not paying for it. Fortunately i don't get put off by people like you. Once i have taken omega i will write to tell you honestly how i'm getting on!!! oh and about the price? A few weeks ago i decided to go to the doctors because of my fincial state at that time and i have ended up spending more than £30 in one month on repeat prescriptions and other! the result? Achieved nothing except i now have another thing to heal naturally as the antibiotics helped strip the lining of my stomache!! cheers!

  80. Omega Wash is used by the Budwig Cancer Centre in Germany, so it is good enough for me. It is a totally pure product using a blend of powerful cleansing and healing herbs that have been used for centuries, and nothing else. It is totally non-toxic, unlike pharmaceutical drugs. It is extremely beneficial and really does do what it says. Have no hesitation in using it.

  81. It's amazing how these "testimonials" from "satisfied customers" all appear to have been written by the same person.

    I wonder if Omega Wash causes frequent memory loss?

  82. I find it extra ordinary that SLW changes the subject whenever the conversation is not conducive to their point of view.

  83. Hello all this is David again.
    Wow this blog is turning out to be the most informative site on the web. Ok so in light of some of the points SLW has been making we have decided to re-evaluate some of the statements made as well as the general direction of our company.

    First let me state that our products are not illegal in the UK, we have our own MHRA consultant who has assured us that we are well within all regulations for what our product is ( a herbal beverage or supplement). If SLW can provide an e-mail address for this "contact" of his at the MHRA I would love to have a chat with them. However i think he merely sent them an e-mail with his description of what the product is and their reply was that if there was a product like that then it would be illegal.

    The second point i would like to make is on the topic of the clinical trials and peer reviewed medical journals that SLW loves to read and would like to see our products involved in.
    Please research and learn as much as you can on the medical journals and peer reviewed studies done on products in the Psychotropic drug field, they make for the most interesting reading of all Pharmaceutical Drug trials.

    All of them have had studies and journals written in order to become registered drugs.
    You'll find some that had people die or commit suicide during the trials, these deaths include both women and children as you get extra points for testing on kids.

    Some you'll find had the medical journal written by what is called a ghost writer and then signed by a medical professional without even reading the journal entry.
    And most go through a 3-8 week clinical trial because any longer trial would make it difficult to skew the results. All of them treat a disease that cannot be tested for by blood or any other medical means. Oh yes and 42,000 people a year die from the use of these drugs.

    I say all that to make this point, if you only trust products that have medical journals and peer reviewed case studies written about them then your looking in the wrong direction. Medicine as we know it has only been around for about 100 years, what do you think we did before then?

    1. My continuation

      Our products have no ingredients in them that were not extracted from a plant. Our products have all been certified fit for human consumption (this is not a requirement for pharmaceutical drugs as most would not pass)
      I take Omega Herbal 48 every day, not because i'm sick but because i want my body to be in balance and i want my immune system to be in top form. As long as i take it ever day i don't get colds, i don't get flu and i don't hit a plato in the gym, I can push myself harder ever day and i haven't had to take an energy drink in over a year now. This is my story and what we publish on our web sites and those of our distributors are other peoples stories, nothing more.

      If you are interested in trying a new approach to harmonizing your body then maybe give it a shot. We do not claim that our product cures cancer, we state that when your body has a balanced pH level and your immune system is in healthy working order then your body is better suited to overcome certain ailments.

      Your welcome to go to our new Corporate web site and take a look through it at,, it's a new site so it won't be at the top of Google search for a few weeks. If you have any questions about the product or our intentions with it please feel free to contact me at or
      We do not sell product from this site it is merely for informational purposes. All purchase inquires will be forwarded to distributors depending on geographical location.

      Special thanks to SLW and everyone who has participated in this blog. It continues to be our strongest link to the voice of the public. If you have used our products please share your story on this blog so that others may learn about it's benefits.

      "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" Jimmy Hendrix

  84. I started my 3 year old son on Omega Herbal 48 and the side effects are terrible. He can no longer sit up, let alone stand and his appetite has completely nosedived. We have just completed one bottle and I see no improvement, just deterioration of his normal day to day life and I now in a panic.

  85. Hi Anonymous,

    The product you describe is most likely an illegal unlicensed medicine. Like all quack potions, you have no idea what it might contain or whether it might be safe to consume.

    You should get your son to a doctor as soon as possible. That means right now, not this evening.


  86. Ah.

    This is interesting. The first negative comment. I've been looking out for one.

    The funny thing is, it doesn't prove that OW doesn't do what it claims to do. Some people are simply allergic to some things, for instance. As this is a compound of different herbs, such reactions can be expected. And also, he's 3 years old...

  87. Oh and also, I just HAD to reply to this:

    " Like all quack potions, you have no idea what it might contain or whether it might be safe to consume."

    Now this is quite a dumb statement. It implies that you "know" what your medicaly approved medicine contains, and it also assumes that THOSE are "safe to consume".

    At this point I would normaly start giving the names of drugs that have been known to cause thousands of deaths each year, but there's no point. Others have done so sufficiently in previous posts.

  88. Ah something more:

    "6. You say I have described Omega Wash as "fraudulent", but cannot locate which part of my article and comments contains this word (or a lexical equivalent of it)."

    I think I can help with that. You DID use a lexical equivalent. And he DID point it out to you. Perhaps you might want to know what words imply before using them.

    Quackery is the promotion[1] of unproven or fraudulent medical practices. Random House Dictionary describes a "quack" as a "fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not possess; a charlatan".

    There ya go. And you have no right to call their product quackery, because they didn't say it was medicine at all. So it doesn't fit the bill. So you might want to alter your choice of words one slight bit.

    There are many other parts of your article that use badly concealed and not-so-subtle inuendos (Mind-Body-bullshit exhibition - do you have any idea how insulting that is to people that have spiritual beliefs?), so you clearly have a fixed opinion about this stuff. It's a shame you don't actually KNOW anything about all this. It just makes you sound like a moron that just likes yabbering about clinical trials and such, when you don't understand that it's not needed for this category of products.

    But I still have to submit one question to you, so you can realise how pointless your campaign is: If a drug goes through the whole peer review system, with clinical trials and so forth, does that mean it's fit for our consumption?

  89. Reading this thread has been fascinating. My conclusion is that many if not most people are vulnerable some or most of the time. Typically around health or money. People very often make uniformed decisions / act on other's assertions without question. This would appear to be exacerbated in times of vulnerability. This is very true when people make decisions about get rich quick schemes / products in the financial sector with returns out of line with the market place. The question is do you actually know what you are investing in? The answer for most people is almost certainly no. The rhythm and structure around the promotion of alternative medicines often seems similar. While there are many structural issues with conventional medicine (diagnosis could be better, an insufficiently holistic approach and an over eagerness to prescribe) I must agree with SLW here. At the end of the day he appears to be asking simply for evidence of extremely bold assertions. On the other hand it is a fact (not an assertion) that the product is not cheap. On another note why is there this belief that if something is natural it's better?

  90. Wow! My head is still spinning. SLW, best way to find out is to try it yourself.

  91. Dear SLW
    ater reading this long debate I will rather spend my money trying to improve my health the natural way. For over 6years I was on chemical drugs (anti depressants) my additional payment that medical aid did not cover was more than U$30.00 a month. I believe like any medicine or natural suppliment they claim to work. But like it was said medicine is only used for more than a hundred years. Humanity relied on nuture before that. It has been 9 months not taking my drugs and I feel much better. I recently did some reading on the anti depressant drugs
    and one take in more bad chemicals. If one reads about the conspiracy theories
    regarding our food and the 'toxins' within it - my best bet is to rather take a
    chance on the naturals - I will go and buy a bottel this week.

    Anonymous Namibia

  92. Hi Anonymous Namibia,

    I wonder if you've read about the latest research on antidepressants? It now seems that the evidence for them is not as strong as was once thought.

    In any case, I think it's well-established that many people (20-30% of the population) don't respond to antidepressants at all.

    Your experience is not unusual, but there are alternative drug-free treatments which are both safe and effective in many cases - cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and simple exercise plans spring to mind - and all of them must surely be better than buying magical potions from snake-oil salesmen.

  93. Dear SLW.
    You advocate the use of alternative treatments and admit that a large population (20-30% is a bit low but lets just go with that) do not respond to antidepressants, you also admit that maybe some of the clinic data to support antidepressants may be skew or 'not as strong as was once thought" even though last year you said clinical trials and medical journals were unquestionably solid data when it comes to new health products and only products with clinical trials and medical journals could be of any use. Doing a bit of back peddling are we? You recommend drug free alternatives along with exercise and a healthy diet, yet a product containing herbs that you would use as part of a healthy diet is quackery? You've been bitching for well over a year now, and now you support a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise but no magic potions or snake oils? your starting to sound like nothing more than a jealous competitor trying to spread bad gossip. Your rants are most amusing though thanks for the entertainment.

  94. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm not sure I follow. Can you tell me if I've understood your argument correctly?

    1. Research fraud from some years ago has been uncovered by applying the scientific method; therefore my confidence in the scientific method is misplaced.

    2. One medical treatment (antidepressants) is known to not work on 100% of all patients; therefore my confidence in the scientific method is misplaced.

    3. Exercise plans and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are evidence-based treatments for depression; therefore OmegaWash works.

    4. Exercise is an evidence-based treatment for depression; therefore I am a hyprocrite for asking to see the evidence that OmegaWash can treat cancer.

    5. OmegaWash is safe and effective because you say so.

    1. Yes that's correct, I'm glad were on the same page now.

  95. Don't know why this has turned into a discussion on depression. Omega Wash doesn't claim to be a medicine but it does claim to be a cure.I am particularly concerned about its claims to cure cancer.Are vulnerable people really using this foul-smelling potion instead of conventional drugs or surgery? Should be against the law to give it away, let alone sell it.

    1. Where exactly does it claim to be a cure?

  96. Hi All, I just stumbled across this comment string during my attempts to find out more about this product. Omega Herbal 48 was actually recommended to me by the nurse who registered and examined me at my new GP surgury (I just moved to London from the US). She didn't recommend it for any particular ailment, but simply to 'cleanse and detox my system and clear up my skin' as she put it (I was a bit offended as I didn't think my skin needed clearing and I still don't!). She said she recommends it to all of the patients there and that she uses it herself. The local pharamacy here in Belsize Park even carries it now. An advocate of preventative measures and natural remedies, she went on to recommend a product called OxyTech, along with aloe vera juice.

    I left with natural skepticism and immediately sent the websites of these products to my good friend who is a doctor. I was dubious, but was willing to give Omega Herbal 48 a try just to test it out - I didn't have anything to lose, and if it made me feel refreshed, then great. My friend told me it didn't look dangerous and asked me to let her know how it goes. I ended up not also trying the OxyTech - one magic potion at a time for me. Side note, the OxyTech website is just as unprofessional/sketchy looking/sounding as the Omega Herbal 48 website(s).

    So here I am, three days into my 10ml/3x a day dosage of Omega Herbal 48. My first impressions: the bible verse on the bottle made me roll my eyes and made me even more dubious, and the smell and taste are an unimaginable level of awful (I actually had to run to the loo today at work because I thought I was going to vomit after taking it).

    I will say that I miraculously had no hangover on Sunday after a big night out (which usually renders me worthless the next day) and was full of energy. So much so that I couldn't fall asleep until 4am that night and had to wake up today for work at 7:30am. I have absolutely no idea if any of that was related to the Omega Herbal 48 or not, and am totally willing to admit that it could be pure coincidence.

    Again, I'm purely taking this just to see what happens and nothing more, if only for my own curiousity. I have absolutely no expectations. If anything exciting happens, good or bad, I will let you know.

    SLW - forgive me if you've already done so (I haven't checked the rest of your site), but I'd be curious to see if you dig anything up on that OxyTech product.

  97. Hi Anna,
    So what was your experience? Did anything exciting happened? Just curious

  98. The sceptical letter writer's point is that no product can "advertise" to cure something without published trials. That is all he has grounds to start this blog on, that is it.

    He can't prove that OW works, or doesn't work, he is just a writer, nothing more.

    I am from the United States. I was very sick for several years with CFS. I researched a lot of data over my illness and published in a very important cancer doctor's list of treatments was OW, along with other natural treatments.

    Lets face it, what are we other than natural beings. We eat from nature everyday and that keeps us alive, why wouldn't natural ingredients cure aliments as they have done for thousands of years BEFORE big Pharma was developed. Don't get me wrong, some pharmaceutical drugs are necessary.

    Western medicine had failed me completely. No help whatsoever after thousands of dollars spent. I tried OW and for sure it helped me turn a corner to better health. When you are sick and traditional medicine fails you, why not give your body what it needs to help fight.

    Hopefully someday OW will have "published" data but I guarantee that big Pharma won't let that happen. But if it does, unfortunately when the Sceptical Letter Writer gets "sick" (obviously he has never been life altering sick), well, they will be out of stock when he comes to buy some after his Doctors fail him.


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