Tuesday, 26 October 2010

OfQuack - can't count to two

On 20th July 2010, two senior figures from OfQuack - Maggy Wallace & Maggie Dunn - spoke at the Leicester Skeptics in the Pub (SiTP).

Also present at the meeting was the chap who runs Leicester SiTP, Simon Perry.

In response to a question about OfQuack registration and the credibility it grants to a practitioner, Maggie Dunn said:

"We've only received complaints to date - and this is an invitation for you, isn't it? - We've only received complaints from one complainant so far..."

The joke got a good laugh out of the audience because the complainant was, of course, the aforementioned Simon Perry.

Rib-tickingly funny though it was, the joke wasn't actually true.

There's no reason why you should take my word for it, of course, so here is the proof!
(Click here for a larger version)

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