Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jyorei Don't Keep Their Promises

Jyorei are a registered charity who practice some kind of pseudo-Japanese finger magic.

A couple of months ago, they were politely instructed by the ASA to stop making a raft of loony claims in their advertising (pictured above).

It seems, alas, that the charity's assurances count for nothing.

This weekend just gone Jyorei were one of the exhibitors at CamExpo in London. The sprightly young female attendants twice handed me, as I passed their stall, a leaflet identical to the one which they earlier promised to stop using. (The leaflet is available here and here.)

ASA complaint follows!

"I write to complain about a leaflet picked up at the CamExpo exhibition in London on 24th October this year.

The flyer, for Jyorei, promotes their "Japanese Spiritual Healing".

I suspect that the flyer may be in breach of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP Code). I can provide the original flyer by post, if necessary.

1. In June 2010 I wrote to you to complain about an identical leaflet from the same advertiser.

2. In September you wrote to tell me the advertisers have "given [you] an assurance that they will amend their leaflet to remove all the contested claims, including 'clearing blockages and cleansing away of toxins', 'a natural healing process', 'the immune system becomes strengthened, which increases the body's ability to recover from physical illness' and 'physical and emotional problems may be relieved or sometimes cured'..."

3. (i) At the CamExpo on 24th October, Jyorei were one of the exhibitors. On at least two occasions when I passed their stall, I was handed a leaflet identical to the one which was the subject of my June complaint.

(ii) (I enclose scans of the leaflet I was handed on 24th October.)

4. Therefore, I again challenge whether the advertisers can substantiate their claims that "Jyorei Japanese Spiritual Healing":

(i) Can clear blockages and cleanse away toxins
(ii) Is a natural healing process
(iii) Strengthens the immune system, which increases the body's ability to recover from physical illness
(iv) Relieves or cures physical and emotional problems

5. I confirm I have no connections with the advertiser. I confirm I am not involved in legal proceedings with the advertiser."

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