Sunday, 8 May 2011

Michele Knight, psychic and teenage pop sensation

I'm delighted to welcome back
Michele Knight - a psychic and an occasional reader of this blog - for her third appearance (see also here and here).

Hi Michele! I like your new look (and I mean that sincerely). Did you model it on teenage pop sensation Rebecca Black?

(Image credit - left, Ark Music Factory; right, Michele Knight)

My previous complaints about Michele Knight have focused on her continual use of the words "accurate" and "accuracy" in her publicity materials.

Sadly, despite two brushes with the ASA, the message doesn't seem to be getting through. Her website promotes a bevy of delusional beauties for whom dozens of claims of psychic "accuracy" are made.

Here comes reminder number three!

"The website promotes a psychic reading service and makes a number of claims for the "accuracy" of its readers. I'd like to challenge whether the advertiser can substantiate her claims that the readers are "accurate".

1. ( )

"A gifted natural psychic clairvoyant who uses Tarot as a tool, Angelique will give you an in-depth and specific reading. She blows clients away with her accuracy."

2. ( )

"Anya passed all of her tests with flying colours. She has been undertaking psychic readings for over 20 years and has a real gift that allows her to use her psychic energy to immediately tune in to the issues that surround you with amazing and detailed accuracy"

3. ( )

"Cherriane was outstanding in her test readings. Cherriane is sensitive and accurate"

4. ( )

"She gives astounding astrology and psychic readings in a similar style to my own. She gives accurate, specific insight as well as a deep, intense delve into your very soul!"

5. ( )

"Erin is clairaudient and is able to pick up quickly on your ancestors and is able to give accurate readings"

6. ( )

"Jan Lee is an exceptional medium who gave me a brilliant test reading including describing every toy I had as a child. She also described very specific things in the childhood of my partner. I found her to be very accurate for me and loved all the details."

7. ( )

"Client feedback: The information she gave me about past and current situations was very accurate and she did not need any background information."

8. ( )

"She is also a medium and can use remote viewing. She immediately gave accurate physical descriptions of my first tester and the important people in her life."

9. ( )

"I found her very accurate about what was going on for me – and she was not afraid to give me a push to get on with a few projects in the pipeline that I’ve been neglecting!"

10. ( )

"I was so delighted when Martine joined the company as I had been trying to get her on board for three years! She is a stunning psychic who has an amazing ability to hone in without any information and gives you exact details on what is going on. She is brilliant at all types of readings and is shockingly good. Warm, accurate and fab she is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient."

11. ( )

"Nikki S has always been a popular reader with Michele Knight Psychics. I highly recommend her – she is amazing! She is very accurate"

12. ( )

"She is a stunning psychic who will blow you away. She is an Aries like me so gives it to you straight. She is accurate"

13. ( )

"She is warm, direct, honest and accurate"

I've made some screenshots of the relevant pages, which are available at:

I can confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser or with the premium rate telephone service industries."


  1. Great stuff as always, but I believe you have the images backwards... Michele is on the left, Rebecca on the right. Unless there was some sarcasm or other wittiness I missed due to not quite being awake yet.

  2. I will like to see your face to face meeting psychic readers of her to prove what they write in their profiles. I hope it will also help devising some way to let others also to go through such a system that can prove psychics claim.

  3. Lol thank you for pointing that out as indeed those particular profiles did break the new regs and have been amended. They were my personal opinion and written long before the new regs came out and as you know we have a vast website. The other issues we have had with the new regs are our clients testimonials. We have had to go through the many hundreds of positive testimonials and delete any testimonials which mention the word accurate without giving details about why, however on balance this has been a good thing as our clients are now more detailed about their experience of the reading and as you know can say accurate if they explain how it was accurate. I found your comparison to Rebecca Black very amusing! Funnily enough I only just stumbled on this today but it is already sorted.

  4. well said Michele what a woman x


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