Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Water Ionizer Company

The nifty little device pictured below passes a small electric current through your tap water before you drink it.

Presumably to justify the asking price of £1,339.50, the Water Ionizer Company of Chipping Ongar, Essex have filled their advertising with the most preposterous twaddle imaginable.

To keep my complaint under 50,000 characters I had to concentrate on just one of the firm's leaflets (available here and here).

The leaflet describes some of the "Health benefits" users of the Ionizer can expect, which I reprint here in full.

  • Improved indigestion and relief from disorders such as IBS & indigestion
  • Reduction in bone aches & conditions such as osteoporosis & arthritis
  • Improved skin condition and relief from ailments such as eczema & acne. This is helped through [sic] external use of acidic water and internal use by [sic] drinking the water
  • Reduced out breaks [sic] of Psoriasis as well as hastened healing times
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved overall skin condition as well as a reduction in the aging process
  • Allergy relief including hay fever [sic]
  • Destruction of fungal infections such as athlete's foot when alkaline water is drunk & acidic [sic] applied externally
  • Prevention of all degenerative disease
  • Relief of all acidic conditions such as Gout & stones
  • Reduced infections from bacteria & viruses
  • Plus the added benefits of relief and prevention from many other ailments and illnesses
If that's not convincing enough, the leaflet posits a series of testimonials which suggest the Ionizer can treat

"...arthritis... leukaemia... low immune system[s]... sarcoidosis... kidney and liver problems... Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)... mould allerg[ies]... "flush[ing] out" the kidneys of detoxified material... slow[ing] down the aging process... hydrophobia... dehydration..."

With so many health benefits, it's a wonder that the NHS bothers to employ doctors at all!

Another explanation, of course, is that not a single one of the company's extraordinary claims are true. ASA complaint follows!

"I write to complain about a leaflet I picked up at the CamExpo exhibition in London on 24th October this year.

The leaflet, for The Water Ionizer Company, promotes a water filtration/electrolysis device.

I suspect that the leaflet may be in breach the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP Code). I can provide the original leaflet by post, if necessary.

1. The leaflet describes the "Water Ionizer [sic]" thus:

"The Water Ionizer produces healthy water for 21st century lifestyle. The Ionizer produces antioxidants & detox benefits to help undo the damage through over indulgence [sic] & lack of sleep. It separates your normal kitchen tap water into an Ionized [sic] alkaline water & an acidic cleansing water."

2. Under Section 12.1, I challenge whether the advertisers can substantiate any of the following claims:

(i) The product's alkaline water "is a powerful and effective antioxidant, and can minimise the accumulation of cancerous or damaged cells by decreasing the amount of free radicals in the body..."

(ii) The product's alkaline water can "Detox" the body, namely by "help[ing] balance the body's overly acidic state, destroying the optimum environment for diseases to thrive"

(iii) The product controls the "Signs of Ageing" by supplying "more effective hydration to every part of the body, especially the brain"

(iv) The product "enables the body to absorb medication, vitamins and minerals more efficiently"

(v) The product's acidic water "is proven to destroy over 99% of bacteria...Infections, burns, or any fungal disease can be reduced...", "smoothes the skin...reduces the signs of ageing" and "makes [hair] shinier and more manageable"

(vi) The product can "remove bacteria" from "vegetables, fruit and meats", and also "provides armour [to plants] to fight off disease and insects"

(vii) The product's "health benefits" include "relief... of IBS", "reduction in...osteoporosis and arthritis", "relief from...eczema and acne", "reduced outbreaks of Psoriasis", "lowered blood pressure", "reduction in the ageing process", "allergy relief including hay fever", "destruction of fungal infections such as athlete's foot", "prevention of all degenerative disease", "relief of...gout and [kidney] stones", "reduced infections from bacteria and viruses", "prevention [of] many other ailments and illnesses".

3. The leaflet contains a number of testimonials. Under Section 3.47, I challenge whether the many health claims they contain (such as the claim of a 75% success rate in the treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, the claim that tap water "just sits and pools [in the stomach] like a stagnant pond", and the claim of a cure for Sarcoidosis) are misleading.

4. I confirm I have no connections with the advertiser. I confirm I am not involved in legal proceedings with the advertiser."


  1. nobody is listening...


  2. Alkaline water is a good source headed for initiation. All at once as individual possibly will feign with the intention of water would be authentic neutral on the pH scale, biological properties bottle be different than compose cheery of the water consequently with the intention of it takes on a vaguely acidic level. As a result drinking alkaline water, which relocate you an addition account of alkaline, willpower assistance headed for defends your wellbeing over and above is abundant representing hydrating plus detoxifying too.

  3. Water Ionizers, have you written your comment in another language and had it machine-translated into English, because it doesn't make any sense at all.

    If this genuinely is your marketing dept speaking then I am at as much as loss for words as you obviously are.

  4. While understanding the scetpic's questioning of such claims and others, I have a water ioniser from the above company and I absolutely love it and feel the lack of it when I do not have access to it.The water it produces, as well as being filtered and cleansed of toxins in the water such as chlorine is also highly alkaline, and ionised. If you check out why people in the West are so ill, it is mainly due to a highly acidic diet (meat, dairy, sugar, and so on) with not nearly enough alkalinity in the diet(fresh raw fruit and vegetables particularly greens) to counteract it. In tests, all cancer patients have been shown to have acidic bodies, which is not surprising. Prolonged acidosis in the body leads to death, and before that many ailments as the body struggles to cope. So it's not ridiculous to thank that drinking filtered highly alkalised water helps reverse and prevent illness, especially when you feel it in yourself (I now never get colds or flus). Also the acidic water has been shown in lab tests to kill all manner of bacteria such as ecoli and so on, which is one readon why in Japan they are used in every hospital, cleaning with the acidic water helps prevent outbreaks of things such as mrsa etc.
    Tapwater, apart from having lots of toxins in, tastes horrible! (the ionised water tastes so lovely I can't bear to go back! Would use a jug filter if I had to, but you can still taste the chlorine and it isn't alkalised of course)... and I certainly do not want to go back to bottled because the plastic leaches into the water causing all sorts of problems, you do not know what quality the water is anyway or how long it's been in the bottle, and since I bought the ioniser I am polluting the world a lot less as my bin has a LOT less plastic bottles in it. There are no bad side effects from using the ioniser (apart from normal detox symtoms as your body gets used to being alkaline again as it should and starts getting rid of toxins). How about questioning the medical establishment about the safetly and efficiacy of various drugs which are foisted on the unsuspecting public,with deaths seen as some sort of acceptable collateral damage? Anything which can help people's health and avoid them getting on to the medication trap should be welcomed (when it is established that it is helpful, yes). In working in the field of health I've seen many people with health problems and out of them I saw that the worst off were the people on medication, now on a downwards spiral of side effects and more drugs, unless they did something to help themselves. Also re the above person writing about water ionisers and using an online translator, perhaps they are based in Japan or some other country which routinely uses ionisers.
    I do not work for the water ioniser company and am not affiliated to them in any way. The fact remains, the water IS highly alkaline, you can test that, and read the other tests done on it; and if you read into the medical facts surrounding acidosis and our diets in the west you'll realise how necessary this is. If your body is in an acidic state, even now as you're reading this your body is leaching calcium out of your bones to try and buffer the acidity, which then gets dumped in the joints and soft tissues leading to kidney stones, arthritis, and the acidity predisposes you to all manner of illness. If you don't eat an 80% plant-based green vegetarian diet then you could probably do with a water ioniser pronto. Failing that,lots of green smoothies and green juices. Bicarb of soda in water is another way to alkalise, but probably only for 2 weeks at a time, not on an ongoing basis. If you're in an acidic state and you don't change it, you're heading downhill unfortunately.

  5. Aine,

    You make lots of points there, sadly no good ones. With such bulk I'd have thought you'd have struck lucky by accident.

    I'll leave you with this thought; stomach acid.


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