Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lynne McTaggart's Grown-Up Debate

Lynne McTaggart is the publisher of What Doctors Don't Tell You - the trashy, nonsensical magazine about which you definitely shouldn't complain.

Now the defenceless victim of a torrent of twitter rage, Lynne has tried to take the moral high ground by accusing her detractors of behaviour akin to "schoolyard bully boys" and challenging them to "debate the issues like grown-ups".

The kind of debate Lynne envisages, it goes without saying, is one in which only her supporters are allowed to take part. 

Hundreds of posts on her Facebook pages and website blog have been deleted - a number of them off-topic, a few somewhat nasty, but many qualifying as polite and considered responses to her challenge.

These were my questions, which I've now mailed to Lynne directly. I wonder how long it'll be before I get a response?

Hi Lynne,

I asked these questions on Facebook, but I think my post was drowned out by the trolls. Perhaps you might permit me to ask them here?

1. Can you provide a source for the BMA figures which show only 13% of standard medical treatments actually work?

2. Can you provide a source for the AMA figures which show prescribed medicines are the cause of 33% of deaths in the western world?

3. Can you provide a source which shows more people go to 'alternative' practitioners than go to GPs?

4. Which part(s) of the Guardian article do you think were made up?

5. Which person at Comag (if any) was responsible for the libel threat?

6. Can you tell us some more about the vetting procedures you use for your advertisers?

7. If your advertisers were to be making false health claims, they would be breaking the law (CPR 2008). Do you have any plans to assist advertisers in future issues of WDDTY to avoid a prosecution?


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  1. Why dont you publish who you are and where you are so that you can be sued for libel.

    Better still just get off the Internet and stop insulting intelligent researchers who are trying to inform people and are so far ahead of your low level of understanding.

    Tony Mackenzie


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