Friday, 1 April 2011


It's a good day to stand up for freedom of expression.


  1. So glad you believe in freedom of expression- maybe you can leave those people alone that want to express what they believe about their therapeutic abilities!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    In order to do business in the UK, one has to create a fictitious legal entity (often a limited company).

    We're into dangerous territory if we start granting human rights to imaginary things. Just think. The first group who'll be up in arms will be the faeries. Then the unicorns. Then the pixies.

    It won't be long before the Kingdom of Narnia will be picketing Parliament. What a pickle!

    If I ever begin targeting people who're giving away their useless magical potions completely free of charge, I do hope you'll come back and take me to task.

  3. You miss out the "sole trader" status, which is likely to apply to many therapists. As I understand it, as sole trader is inseperable from "the business", so attacking the business has a direct affect on the individual who "is" that business.

    I'm guessing the ASA guidelines wouldn't allow certain claims about some therapeutic modalities even if they were being given away.

    The fact that the ASA seems to be financially supporting this site with a paid-for advert makes me wonder about their neutrality in matters advertorial.

    Nothing to do with their former chief being offered a job with a leading big-pharma company then?

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    If you can't accept that argument, here's a stronger one. (I think that Sole Traders are another class of fictitious legal 'persons', just like Limited Companies, but maybe I'm wrong.)

    Marketing regulations don't inhibit anyone's freedom of expression. CAM therapists are still free to say whatever they like in newspaper articles, in TV interviews, even in separate section of their own websites - the ASA and TS have no jurisdiction over these media.

    The moment their comments take the form of marketing or promotional materials, though, restrictions come into force. If this limits what CAM therapists can say, they're still free to express themselves to their heart's content in some other medium.

    (By the way - paid-for ASA advert? Where would that be? I can't see it anywhere.)

  5. The right to freedom of expression should not be used to defraud others. Homeopaths may be sincere in their beliefs and it may be they cannot understand their mistake but a sincere belief in something that is incorrect is no excuse.

  6. Do you enjoy mocking people that are trying to make a living, or thought some people may not be making it right now there's always the future, people don't always run businesses to make money they may do it as they have a passion for what they do, clearly yours is sitting behind a screen researching other people's lives. Get a hobby and stop making false allegations of what you no nothing about other than what u read over the Internet


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