Sunday, 24 January 2010

*Sylvie Hamilton - qualified head-scratcher

The Luton and Dunstable
Herald and Post newspaper runs a weekly column, "Question Time", in which its readers can get up close and personal with local personalities.

October was the turn of Sylvie Hamilton, who is apparently a "cranial osteopath".

"Sylvie Hamilton has recently joined the well-established team at Glenn Lobo's Osteopathic & Acupuncture Practice in Stopsley, Luton.

Sylvie brings several therapies to the practice to help enhance your health. Having originally studied massage, she went on to learn Japanese facial massage, hot stone therapy, Indian head massage, aromatherapy and sports massage.

After completing her osteopathy training she then went on to do a cranial osteopathy course.

This type of treatment is very gentle and excellent for treating babies and small children with problems like colic, sleeplessness, feeding and restlessness. Cranial osteopathy can be especially helpful if the baby has had a difficult birth. Sylvie is available on Tuesdays and Fridays and can be contacted on 01582 721531 or"

The Herald and Post were good enough to print my response, entitled "No evidence this treatment can work". I'm especially proud of the second sentence.

"In your October 8 issue you made some odd claims about cranial osteopathy. Your readers deserve the opportunity to hear from someone actually qualified in evidence-based medicine.

Dr Steve Bateman writing for the Complementary Medical Association, notes 'there is little evidence...that osteopathy is helpful for the treatment of any medical condition.'

Cranial osteopathy, he adds, is based on a 'scientifically unconfirmed belief' in 'cranial lesions' and 'cranial rhythms', about which researchers 'have serious doubts (they) even exist'.

Apart from two antispasmodic drugs with dangerous side effects, there remains no known treatment for colic, osteopathic or otherwise."

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