Thursday, 5 August 2010

*The Tibetan Monks' Painkilling Digipuncture Ring

This page is receiving thousands of visits from people who've received an advert for a "Tibetan" painkilling ring.

If you're reading this, you probably don't want to miss out on what seems like an amazing product, even though you have doubts. So, let me spell it out for you:

The Tibetan Monks' Digipuncture Painkilling Ring is a criminal fraud.

To help you decide who is telling you the truth - me, or the advertisers - let's examine the claims the advert makes.

"...Let me remind you about the result of medical tests: most types of pain can be relieved with this ring...effectiveness proven in clinical tests..."

These claims are not true. No "medical tests" have ever been conducted on the ring, as anyone can easily check for themselves. (Almost all scientific research is available online nowadays, and many medical journals include a "plain English" summary which anyone can understand.)

"Study carried out with 1200 patients suffering from Chronic Pain - the 'Luxembourg Study' "

This claim is not true. No "Luxembourg Study" exists. You won't find any reference to it in any medical journal.

" on 127 types of pain..."

This claim is not true. Similar devices have been tested many times before, and not one of them has been able to reduce anyone's pain. Again, the research is available for anyone to read.

"...get your young, toned legs back and keep them like this..."

This claim is not true. There's no evidence to suggest that metal rings can reverse the effects of ageing. Search the medical journals for yourself, if you want to.

" improving your blood circulation with digipuncture, you will very quickly and without any medicine be able to [have] good circulation [and a] better memory [which] helps you to think faster..."

This claim is not true. You won't be able to find any research on "digipuncture" because the word was invented by the advertisers in order to sell rings.

"Tibetans confirm that acupuncture carried out with this ring suppresses 127 types of pain"

This claim is not true. The Chinese authorities don't permit Tibetan Monks to conduct scientific research.

"Here are a few pictures from my travels. Look at [all the Tibetans] wearing the painkilling ring!"

This claim is not true. Thousands of genuine photos of Tibetans are available in books, magazines and newspapers. Check them yourself. You won't find any Tibetans wearing one of these rings.

"Clinical tests confirm it... the ring relieves your pain by improving your circulation. Dr Birguite"

Dr Birguite does not exist. All doctors are registered in the countries in which they work and these records are available to the public. You won't find anyone matching this "Dr Birguite" anywhere.

"The Tibetan Ring is excellent because patients can use it so easily as soon as they feel any pain - Dr Waller, Former Professor of Lyon Faculty of Medicine"

Dr Waller does not exist, as you can easily check for yourself by contacting his former employers.

"...7 days before...7 days after..."

These photographs are forgeries. Each pair of photos clearly shows two different people masquerading as one.

"...My vertigo has totally disappeared...This ring gave me great health...I avoided an operation...I lost a stone in 15 days..."

These "satisfied customers" are fictional, as are their testimonials.

"Health Solutions Laboratories"

This organisation does not exist
, as you can check for yourself by trying to visit their "laboratory". The organisation behind the scam is actually Intramed, a British company with a long history of defrauding vulnerable consumers.

"30-Day Risk Free Trial With No Obligation"

If you don't like the ring, good luck getting your money back. It is gone forever.

Still not convinced?
As a result of my complaint to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the advert was banned. Their adjudication concluded:

...we had not seen evidence that the testimonials, before and after photos or claims about the ring's provenance were genuine, nor had we seen evidence to substantiate the claims that the product could relieve pain or the symptoms of the conditions mentioned in the ad. We had also not seen evidence to substantiate the weight loss claims"

Noting that ten other adverts by the same company had already been banned, the ASA commented:

"We were also concerned that the ad appeared after IntraMed had given an assurance to [us] that they would no longer advertise in the UK..."

Instead of sending money to criminals,
you should consider forwarding the advert you've received to the authorities who will be most interested to hear about it.

In the UK, you should send it to the
Advertising Standards Authority. Their address is Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6QT.

In the United States, complaints should be sent to the Federal Trade Commission and to your local Better Business Bureau. Canadians should contact their state Consumer Protection Office and their local Better Business Bureau.

In Australia, complaints should be sent to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, or your State/Territory consumer protection agency. New Zealanders can complain to the NZ Advertising Standards Authority.

Below you can read details of my original complaint, submitted in October 2010. Most readers should probably skip that part and proceed to the comments at the bottom of the page.

(Image credit - scan of the mailshot)

This morning exciting news arrived with the postman - a "Tibetan Monks' Painkilling Ring".

According to the mailshot, the ring can improve all kinds of pain, including "migraine - tendinitis [sic] - pre operation [sic] - heavy legs - ear infection - vertigo - toothache" and much more besides!

Why should I believe a word of this? Well, according to the advertisers:

"Tibetans confirm that acupuncture carried out with this ring suppresses 127 types of pain"

In case that's not the rock-solid scientific proof you were hoping for, it continues:

"[The ring's] effectiveness is proven in clinical tests"

Alas, I am still struggling to believe any of the claims the advertisers make - not least because no "clinical tests" have ever been conducted on the ring. (If you don't believe me, you can search the medical journals yourself.)

In fact, I'd go so far as to suggest the production of this particular mailshot constitutes a criminal offence here in the UK.

Off to the ASA I go,then. (The leaflets can be seen here, here and here.)

"I write to complain about a mailshot I received this morning from "Health Solutions" (Ville Amphrey, St Martins, GY4 6DT). The mailshot, which contained four leaflets, promotes a "Tibetan Monks' Painkilling Ring".

I suspect that the advert may be in breach of numerous sections of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP) code.

Following the instructions on your website, I enclose the complete mailshot, including the envelope it arrived in.

My complaint is as follows.


1. Under Sections 3.1 and 50.1 of the CAP Code, I challenge whether the advertiser can substantiate any of the following claims:

(i) The ring "works on 127 types of pain", and its "effectiveness is proven in clinical tests" for "stomach ache - acid stomach - bad digestion - kidney problems - heavy legs - hot feet - pins and needles in the legs - varicose veins - losing weight - cellulite - heavy legs - lumbago - sciatica - joint pains - rheumatism - haemorrhoids - migraines - vertigo - tinnitus - shaking - memory problems - stress, anxiety - tachycardia - insomnia - Pre [sic] operation [pain] - Post [sic] operation [pain]"

(ii) The ring "naturally fight[s] more than 127 types of pain" including "Rheumatism - Joints - Cramps - Sciatica - Haemorrhoids - Migraines - Stomach pain..."

(iii) "The acupuncture points on the 5 fingers of your hand have an immediate and powerful action on your blood circulation"

(iv) "Clinical tests confirm" that "This ring relieves your pain by improving your circulation"

(v) With the Ring, "Oedema, heavy legs and inflammation of the joints disappear"

(vi) "This ring improves blood flow to your brain: Your migraines and vertigo disappear..."

(vii) "This ring makes all of your organs work better, by improving your circulation..."

(viii) The ring causes "your wrinkles [will] go away, your skin clears up..."

Leaflet 1 - back side

(ix) "By improving your blood circulation with digitopuncture, you will very quickly and without any medicine be able to - relieve your pain...get your young, toned legs back and keep them like this...good circulation also giving you better memory and helps you to think faster..."

(x) "Tibetans confirm that acupuncture carried out with this ring suppresses 127 types of pain"

(xi) "From the 1st hour your joints will not be as stiff"

(xii) "[A] Study carried out with 1200 patients suffering from chronic pain" showed the ring improves "Joint pain (3 hours) - Annular migraine (1h) - Aches/Tendinitis [sic] (1h) - Foot pain (3h) - Rheumatism (5h) - Oedema (24h) - Heavy legs (19h) - Varicose veins (72h-7d) - Haemorrhoids (48h) - Night cramps/Pins and Needles (1h) - Acid stomach/stomach cramps (3h) - Stomach ache/period pains (2h) - Ear infection (2h) - Vertigo (1h) - Toothache (2h) - Bags under the eyes (2h) - Tachycardia (1h) - Before an operation - to relax and calm (0.3h) - Post-operation: general pain relief (1h)"

2. Under Section 7.1, I challenge whether the two sets of "before and after" photos are genuine.

3. I challenge whether the testimonial labelled "Slimming - I have lost a stone in 15 days, is this normal?" is in breach of the CAP Code, Sections 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 6.1, 7.1, 14.1, 14.3, 14.4, 51.1, 51.2, 51.4, 51.8 and 51.9.

4. (i) Under Section 14.1, I challenge whether the advertiser holds signed and dated proof for the remaining five testimonials used and under Section 14.4 I challenge whether the testimonials are fictitious.

(ii) Under Section 14.2, I challenge whether the advertiser can substantiate the claims made in the remaining five testimonials.

5. For the leaflet as a whole:

(i) Under Section 2.1, I challenge whether the leaflet is "honest and truthful"

(ii) Under Section 2.2, I challenge whether the leaflet has been "prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society"

(iii) Under Section 6.1, I challenge whether the leaflet "exploit[s] the credulity, lack of knowledge or inexperience of consumers", particularly vulnerable groups such as the elderly

(iv) Under Section 7.1, I challenge whether the leaflet is misleading

Leaflet 2 - "Here are a few pictures from my travels"

6. Under Section 7.1, I challenge whether the leaflet misleadingly implies that ordinary Tibetans wear the ring, that the ring dates from 1000 B.C, and that "Today this treatment is recommended by the best British Doctors".

7. Under Section 7.1, I challenge whether the claims of "Doctor Waller" are misleading, under Section 14.3 I challenge whether the claims can be substantiated, and under Section 14.4 I challenge whether the testimonial is fictional.
Leaflet 3 - "The Tibet Monk's painkilling ring"

8. Under Section 3.1, I challenge whether the advertisers can substantiate their claim that "For more than 3000 years, Tibetan monks have eased their pains with this ring"

Leaflet 4 - “Risk Free – Don't suffer any longer...”

9. Since this leaflet repeats many of the claims of the first, I simply challenge whether any of the medical claims it makes can be substantiated, whether any of the “before and after” photos are genuine, and whether the testimonials are fictitious.

10. I confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser. I confirm that I am not involved in legal proceedings with the advertiser. "


  1. I think that'll be another win. :-)

  2. I read this article with interest and I'm glad I'm not the only one who receives all this 'claim to help' post.
    Well done you and I will look forward to the outcome of this.

  3. I too got this is it a con ?no website or other info available

  4. I too received this offer a week after buying books on Meditation from 'Wisdom' books.
    Number one do they really think my IQ is so ow I would believe all this 'bumf'? number two they destroyed any credibility by offering two boxes of Monks soup if I bought two rings at £99 oh yeh!and three the ring looks base metal certainly no mention of its composition in the paper work and would have cost about 5p to have made in bulk in China yet they want £69 reduced from £99, if there was any truth in this great discovery the medical profession throughout the Western world would be saving their respective countries £millions each year by prescribing it instead of expensive drugs and it would be all over the TV as the 'cure' of the millennium, not century, no they are just going to make money out of the gullible once again BUT why are they allowed to get away with it ??

  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Anyone who has received this mailshot and shares my concerns about it will have already, I hope, submitted a complaint to Trading Standards.

    It only takes a few minutes to complain, and you can do it online!

    Trading Standards:

  6. Hi there,
    i received this leaflet but i was in a lot of pain so i sent it off with a cheque but i forgot to copy the letter on the 11/08/10, so far i haven't received any ring yet. i phoned the bank to stop the cheque but they said they could not do anything. what do you suggest me to do. i remember the leaflet had a phone number on it can you send it to me please. many thanks.

  7. Anonymous,

    The contact details given on the leaflet are

    "Health Solutions, Ville Amphrey, St Martins, GY4 6DT - Telephone 08712 201132 (Calls cost 10ppm)"

    You can download photographs of the leaflets by clicking on the links in the article. (These photographs were invisible yesterday; I have now fixed the problem.)

    I'm sorry to hear about your pain problems. The next time you see an advert like this, I hope you will show it to your doctor before you send money to a stranger.

    If you do not receive your ring (and even if you do receive it), I recommend that you complain to Trading Standards. They are very interested to hear about advertisements like this one.

    You can find their number in the phone book. You can also complain to them at this website:

  8. My wife ordered two of these rings as she will try anything to ease pain. Trouble was the package arrived with empty ring boxes. Not bad for a start.

  9. Good luck with the complaints, but I imagine the writ of the ASA, and Trading Standards does not run in Guernsey, indeed I note from the Interweb, that the Government of Guernsey are at this time debating the introduction of consumer standards that may give protection to a similar level enjoyed in the UK.

    Complaints may be better addressed to although I would not advise any complainants to hold their breath waiting for action.

    It seems that Guernsey has a legal position somewhat similar to that prevailing in the tv series Deadwood, and as such we can all expect further Exciting although Bogus offers from the Newly Minted Channel Island Citizens, who probably gained their wealth by Ripping Off their fellow citizens in Eastern Europe, and now see this sort of venture as providing a useful bit of pocket money :)

  10. My mother sent for one of these rings. It is a cheap bit of rubbish that has done absolutely nothing and looks like something you might get in a cheap christmas cracker.

    What are the chances of her getting her money back?

  11. I too was very tempted to send for one of these rings. I had polio as a child and now in my sixties I tend to suffer a lot of pain in my hip and leg. It is difficult to be rational when it appears that ones pain is likely to be banished. The company should be investigated for trying to profit fom people's medical problems.

  12. my mother has just showed me these leaflets as she was contemplating ordering one, there was a vast reduction if you bought two so i said i would read them and maybe order two, one for each of us. my mum is in a lot of pain with artheritis and other ailments and is 70 years old,im so glad i looked on the net and came across your site as this has saved us from parting with over £100 and the dissapointment, these kind of adverts should be stopped as they target the old and vulnerable, thank you

  13. i was nearly taken in with these rings to good to be true they should be banned from advertising

  14. i want to complaine because i boght 2 and it came in the litle bag. in the litle bag there was a soup and the wee box with ring nothing else. there was no instructions or nothing 2 bad i lost my money

  15. I know someone who worked at the mailshot company for this product, DO NOT BUY IT. £77 for one or 2 for £102.

    It is bought for less than 80p.

  16. I am a Tibetan living in London. Of all the people in the UK, they managed to send it to me! This is a complete scam - from the fake Tibetan text in the front (all gibberish) to the photoshopped images of Tibetans wearing the ring. I have never heard of Tibetans wearing this ring.

    Im angry at people who abuse the Tibetan image and goodwill to take advantage of other people. I feel truly sorry for everyone who has been duped to buy this fake product.

    Ive made a complaint to Trading Standards and I am sending the documentation to Trading Standards Southwark Council. I will also be writing to the company to say that although the department of Bad Karma will shortly be visiting them, I have also notified the relevant consumer protection agencies.

  17. I got these leaflets today, binned them immediately - sorry, I should have taken the time to complain!

    As has been said - any that truly is a 'miracle' cure certainly wouldn't be available in this manner. Absolute rubbish.

    However, I would like to know if there is a genuine therapy out there called digitopuncture?

  18. Since researching this complaint, I haven't come across any more examples of "digitopuncture".

    It's a pretty good name, though. Someone ought to trademark it!

  19. This leaflet was sent to me a few weeks ago and as I have some aches and pains I was tempted to purchase one. Thankfully I looked up details on the Internet and came across your article. Many thanks for your sterling work in bringing these fraudsters to the attention of pain sufferers.

  20. is it possible that the rings may work?

    1. from what I have read dont think so

  21. Hi Anonymous,

    I will bet anyone £10,000 of my own money that the Tibetan Monks' Painkilling Digipuncture Rings, when tested under controlled laboratory conditions, do not work better than placebo for any of the 127 named conditions.

    Any takers?

  22. Hi Sceptical,

    The Tibetan Ring leaflet has now reached Australia, wonder how many Aussies will be sucked in. Thanks for your good work - will make complaint our end.

  23. Yes it has come to Australia, and like most people was excited to think I may have some relief from the pain of most of the ailments stated in the pamphlet. I was not surprised to find this site to deflate this excitement, and am so pleased to save our money. Its the old adage of "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is"

  24. Got letter today in Australia and even though I was very sceptical, was tempted to get it, UNTIL I found your site. Thank you for the advice, the brochures will now go into the recycling bin.

  25. An advertisement for these "Tibetan Healing Rings" came in the mail, and I instantly sensed that it was not genuine. Do not be fooled by these false claims. Try using crystals instead :)

  26. I also received this leaflet in the mail today in Sydney. Was very tempted to buy it. Lucky I decided to check this website first! I will also put it in the recycling bin. Thank you!

  27. I received the details of this miracle ring today 1/12/10 (Sydney)... it came from Natural Health Specialists, PO Box 140 Campbellfield, Victoria 3061. I too thought it was too good to be true hence my on line search in the hope for some real worthwhile confirmation. Many thanks for all the above comments. I only hope that this company is prosecuted for playing on the vulnerable people who are suffering from just about anything.

    1. Thank you for mentioning their po box number. My aunt received a letter with the above po box number as return address. As my aunt is quite gullible and has fallen for several scams, I know what to to with that letter now.

    2. Wow ! its 11th Feb 2014, and this scam is still doing the rounds ! thank goodness I checked the web, pity for those older folks with aches and pains who do not have access to internet. thanks for all the warnings - my husband has multiple fusions and arthritis, and was quite excited to think it might work - I will buy him something else with OUR money.

    3. Glad I was able to find this information as when you are in a lot of pain it is tempting to try. They are still sending out their mail in Feb 2014. Thank you to all who have contributed and saved my money!

  28. Hello I live in England and I had an email from a Doctor who recommends the Tibetan Ring on this web site:-

  29. The company responsible for the Tibetan Ring adverts, Intramed Ltd, is by an astonishing coincidence the same company that owns the website !

    Domain name:

    Intramed Ltd

    Registrant type:
    Non-UK Corporation

    Registrant's address:


  30. 3.12.10
    I live in Auckland New Zealand and received the leaflet today. Thank goodness I read this site as I was about to order the ring as I suffer from Osteo-arthritis. I have now saved myself $99.
    Many thanks for all your comments :)

  31. I received this rubbish leaflet in the mail yesterday. I have always beleived that when something sounds too good to be true it's usuually alot of bull.

  32. Hi I live in Brisbane Australia and my Mum only just told me about this brochure that she received today, she is 93yrs of age and in constant chronic pain from everything you can think of, she also has severe vertigo. Of course you could only guess what she thought when she saw this. It really annoys me to think that people like this can live with themselves obviously they don't know what it is like to suffer. I don't usually wish bad things on people, but in this case, I wish they one day will suffer just half as much as my mum does and then see how they feel.

    My Mum is exhausted from the constant pain and dizziness and all she wants to do is curl up and die. I have been trying to find something that may give her some relief even if only a little relief such as herbal teas etc etc. Some chinese medicines seem to help a little for the pain but not enough unfortunately. She is tired of taking tablets that don't seem to really work. It would be great to find something to help her I hate to see her suffer as she is still young at heart and very healthy except for the pain & vertigo. She even still lives by herself in her own home and it worries me but she won't move. I would like to see her in a Retirement Village NEVER a Nursing Home though she will only curl up and die in one of those things!

    Back to the scam, let's hope that the people at the back of all of this and all other scams get caught soon and pay for all the damage they are doing. That would be great Christmas present wouldn't it? The elderly don't usually have the internet or know how to use it to check these things out which usually leaves them very vunerable also.

    Merry Christmas everyone except for those who try scamming people with those so called miracle cures. Many thanks for this site also as it has answered our questions - When something sounds too good to be true it usually is! Luckily she mentioned it to me and I checked it out. Many thanks once again to everyone that has written in.

  33. Thanks so much from Cairns/Australia for all this postings. Saved me from spending my dollars.

  34. Thank you for these postings. I received this same offer in the mail in Australia. It sounded too good to be true so I searched the internet. It just smacked of scam when I read the brochure, but like many out there, I am also desperate for pain relief. Some of it matched up with fact, but I was very skeptical, thankfully. I will make a complaint to our authorities.

  35. Tibetan Monk Ring, 2 Neptune Road, Suite #459, Boston, MA 02128

    Has come to Sourthern California, interesting add quite convincing, and now this location, I wonder. who is right

    Do I smell a RAT in the Wood Pile?

    We know that there are outher ways of healing to numerus to mention. BUT THE ONE ITEM OF WORTH IS THE PLACEMENT OF THE $ SIGH. In America the doller amount is placed befor the amount, not after! Just where is the home address of this addvertizer any way?


  37. Hello American visitors,

    I don't know a lot about consumer protection law in the US, but I'm willing to bet this advertisement is illegal on your side of the pond. I hope you are all reporting it to your local - what do you call it - Better Business Bureau?

  38. 19th March 2011
    Hi I have just come across this advert in a small magazine sent to me in a parcel from Windsor Products called NATURAL CHOICE Phone no 0808 156 9099 Advert said New Tibetan Medicine Painkilling Ring at £69.00 or 2 for £99.00 I will be getting in touch with this Company. I am so very pleased I came across this website thank you everyone who has taken the trouble to warn other people about this scam. I am in Chronic pain all over my body every day of my life and I am always desperate to try anything that may help me. I nearly ordered this ring once again thank you

  39. I also have been sucked in by purchasing this ring. As I suffer from fybromyalgia I am in pain most of the time and was desperate to find some kind of relief.
    I have just tried to ring the 0800 number to inform them that I would like to return it within the tree month trial period only to hear the strangest ring tone and no answer.
    These people are scum preying on the vunerable and I can only hope that they will soon be caught and prosecuted.


  41. Hi to you all
    I too am very grateful to have found this site. My Mum is a widow and vulnerable to this kind of advertising. She is 71 and lives with a lot of pain, from numerous health conditions. This fake leaflet arrived, in Hull, East Yorkshire in the UK, and thankfully she showed it to me before she sent off her cheque for £100!!!!
    The people behind this scam are truly the lowest of the low, but I do believe in Karma and I am confident that they will receive the appropriate punishment.
    I am also reporting them to Watchdog and any consumer websites I can find.
    Very many thanks again!
    From me and my Mum!

  42. I'm in Sydney, Australia and the yes the brochure has arrived giving me false hope.
    I was too ready to call them to order. I don't know whether their phone works but I don't care now because I've come across your website.
    It's always better to do some research before jumping on! Isn't it?
    The world needs people like you. Hope you have a long, happy life full of families around you.

  43. My mother received one of the so called miracle painkilling rings today. We were ready to send of £100 for two rings. Thank god for the internet and this site. These people have got to be stopped. It has been interesting reading all the posts everyone has left and not one person has praised these rings.

  44. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm glad you share my anger on this issue and I hope you'll forward everything your mother has received to the Advertising Standards Authority (Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6QT).

    I have selectively edited the comments on this page to remove some comments purporting to be from satisfied customers because they did not seem credible. This is the only article on this site which is edited in this way.

    Once again, if the advertisers wish to exercise a right of reply, they are welcome to do so through formal channels. Anonymous testimonials will not be published.

  45. This offer has come to my house, in Sussex, UK, and it is difficult to believe that the Tibetan Monks have anything to do with this scam.

    Who is this Dr. Birguite? He should be struck off.

  46. Hi Anonymous,

    Please send it to the Advertising Standards Authority (Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6QT).

  47. Hi - as with everyone else who has commented here, I too was curious and in enough pain due to MS to send for the ring. However, common sense told me that even if the things worked how could they possibly cost so much!! ( I have to say here that if any product actually worked to ease chronic pain then who wouldn't be prepared to send the supplier a bigger cheque, I know I would ). Anyhow I'm very happy I did a research that led to this website - needless to say I shall NOT be ordering. Thank you and all who have added insight.

    Gary, UK

  48. I to received this advert by post and as I suffer from chronic back pain thought I may try it. Thanks to your postings I did NOT waste my money.

    V.Boyter. UK

  49. Thanks for all your info. I'm in Auckland, New Zealand and today I too received the brochures for this "miracle ring". It DOES appear to be a tempting offer at first glance but then why no physical address for the supplier? Too many questions around the offer, so your article was a great confirmation. I will do as you suggest, and report it to the Advertising Standards Authority here.

  50. Thanks for making me aware of these crims.
    Was about to order 2 rings, but decided to first do some research and came on to your site.
    Hope your comment will be a help to many unsuspecting vulnerable people.
    Again, Thanks a lot.

  51. Thanks for your comments. They have now arrived in NZ and I decided to do research before making a decision. Think I will save myself a lot of money

  52. Thanks for this site, my partner and i were also going to send for these rings. Both of us suffer from cronic pain in our joints and when we see something like this the temptation is high! Thank you for this site! the information is great but sad that these people can prey on people on pain :(

  53. I work in a pub, and a local came in with his new 'healing ring' two weeks ago, saying his bank had been debited by intramed for £70 and wasn't sure who intramed were, so I looked them up. Surprise surprise stumbled across this and two pieces of the puzzle fitted together, his new 'healing' ring was from a company called intramed. Don't know how to tell him it's a scam!

  54. Hi Anonymous,

    You might try asking your friend to read this page. That'll do the job!

  55. Here we are in February 2014 and it's all starting again in Australia, received the brochure yesterday and after trying for a website to check who they were found your's and just as I thought all a scam, thankyou for being there for we who want to sort fact from fiction. an old Aussie

  56. Thanks for all the interesting comments. Yes, I received a pamphlet today - Newcastle NSW - so it is back in Australia. I must say that I was tempted to try this because it does promise the world to people who are in pain. You have saved my money - Thank you. Keep up the good work, Sceptical Letter Writer.

  57. thanks for this web site - received mine in Tarnagulla today ! - sounded great - what a relief to get relief from aches and pains - except wish we could get relief from the PAIN who keeps sending these brochures out to vulnerable people - will spread the word !

  58. Hi I'm in Sydney Australia and received one of these leaflets today abt the Tibetan ring it is 11th feb 2014 the address is sanoma garden po box 118 Mascot Nsw pc1460 online order site is and phone no is 1800788131 thankyou for rescuing me from loosing my money $99 to be exact I decided to look it up on the Internet n found your site I also found the Tibetan ring at the people's dr site online

  59. I also live in New South Wales and received my pamphlet on Monday and was very tempted but glad I got on line to check it out. To send order is the same address as above complaint. Thank you for advising people about this fraud..too good to be true!!

  60. Just received the so called "Tibetan Monks Ring" brochure. Perhaps the sender should start praying to "ALLAH" for their DASTARDLY deeds. Hope that the ACCC will follow-up on this when they get advice from me.

  61. My 90 year old mother received the Tibetian ring offer in Brisbane on the 12th February 2014. I decided to check it out on the internet and found your site. Thankyou very much for saving her $99.00

  62. We live on the Central Coast NSW, also received this invitation to buy the Tibetan Monks' Ring addressed to me personally a week ago. Looked too good, so checked the internet and came across your site. Will pass on to Department of Fair Trading. Damn Scam.

  63. My 92 year old mother received this brochure in Greystanes NSW she was ready to order it if I hadnt said I was going to do a review. Thank you very much

  64. Iwas cullible and bought one in 2010 from Natural Health Specialists PO Box 140 Campbellfield Vic 3061 Australia. It came with instructions which I followed for a long time. Absolutely nothing. A scam for certain. An expensive one too.

  65. Hi all, I own a gift shop in NSW, I sell a lot of Indian and Tibetan handicrafts. I just had a customer come in who bought one of these! He told me because he wanted to know what the other 100 or so pain types were. I had never heard of them so I did a Google (as one does). He reckons it's helped with arthritis in his toe but after researching this Tibetan Healing Ring didn't take me long to realise it's probably just a placebo affect he's feeling. I asked him if he'd done a Google and he MUST HAVE seen this and the other sites talking about how scammy it is. Wow - can't believe he paid over $100 for it!! Some people have more money than sense. Now going to share this article on my Facebook page. Thanks ScepticalLetterWriter for all your work. :)

  66. They are still out there selling these things unfortunately. Obviously this scam must be working because these people haven't been stopped yet. They don't have to sell many to make an easy fortune and they are selling them world wide. Its a sad fact that as long as people let themselves be conned, there will always be scammers to take their money.

  67. I live in Canberra ACT and received this letter today. Like many others I was tempted to try the ring but decided to check it out on the net before parting with my money. Thank goodness I found this site. They do say that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is! More junk for the recycle bin.


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