Saturday, 14 August 2010

Marguerite Talmage - quacks in bloom

Marguerite Talmage (what an impossibly gorgeous name!) is a frequent guest on the BBC for her many successes in the "Britain in Bloom" contest.

According to this advert in Nexus Magazine, though, there's another "Marguerite Talmage" - with the same email address - who is a shameless quack!

The advert suggests that some minor irritations like, err, "depression" and a "depleted immune system" are all down to something called "geopathic stress".

But fear not! Marguerite can "cure" these conditions by cleaning the "sick spaces" you live in - and what's more, she can do it "remotely"!

Can Marguerite substantiate her claims? I do hope so. I've taken rather a liking to the old gal. ASA complaint follows!

"I write to complain about an advert appearing in "Nexus" magazine (August-September 2010, Vol 17 No 5, p76).

The advert, for Marguerite Talmage, promotes a distance healing service.

I suspect that the advert may be in breach of two sections of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP) code. I can provide an original copy of the advert by post, if required.

1. The advert includes the text:

"DEPLETED IMMUNE SYSTEM? Headaches? Depressed? Moody? Unhappy home / office? Geopathic Stress could be to blame. Sick spaces cleaned remotely. No cure - no fee..."

2. Under Sections 3.1 and 50.1 of the CAP Code, I challenge whether the advertisers can substantiate their claim to "remotely...cure" any of the following conditions

(i) Headaches
(ii) Depression
(iii) A "Depleted Immune System"

3. I confirm that I have no connections with the advertiser or the magazine. I confirm that I am not involved in legal proceedings with the advertiser or the magazine."

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